Issue #120.1

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I Hate Manager READMEs
- Camille Fournier, Former CTO at Rent The Runway
Advanced Python Made Easy
- Ravindra Parmar, Software professional. Machine/Deep Learning Enthusiast.
Three Controversial Charts From The State of JS 2018
- Sacha Greif, Co-wrote Meteor, created VulcanJS and SidebarIO
How To Deal With Difficult People On Software Projects
- Neil Green, Software Developer
Guido Van Rossum on AI (video)
- Guido Van Rossum, Founder of Python Programming Language
API Evolution The Right Way
Jesse Jiryu Davis, Software Engineer at MongoDB
Best Practices For A Clean and Performant Angular Application
Vamsi Vempati, Web Developer
Peeking Under The Hood of Redesigned Gmail
- Boris, Front-end Developer
Amazon Redshift and The Art of Performance Optimization In The Cloud
- Werner Vogels, CTO at Amazon
Fast Google Fonts with Cloudflare Workers
Patrick Meenan, Software Engineer at Cloudflare
Experimenting With Brain-computer Interfaces In JavaScript
- Charlie Gerard, Software Developer ThoughtWorks
Kubernetes in Production vs. Kubernetes in Development: 4 Myths
- Kevin Casey, Technology & Business Writer