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Why TimeHop Chose Go to Replace our Rails app
- Written by Benny Wong, Co-founder and CTO of TimeHop
Docker Containers on the Desktop
- Written by Jessie Frazelle, Software Engineer at Docker
Large Scale Payments Systems and Ruby on Rails
- Written by Michael Weksler, Software Engineer at AirBnB
- Selected by Andrew Overby
, Student at Turing School of Software & Design
#Scaling #Rails
How to Write a Git Commit Message
- Written by Chris Beams, Software Engineer
- Selected by Ben Stahl, Engineer at Vimeo
An Overview of Javascript in 2015
- Written by Casper Beyer, Developer and Designer
Why Go is Not Good
- Written by Will Yager, Software Engineer
- Selected by Alex Companioni, Data Scientist at Betaworks
Correct Inline-Block Elements
- Written by Joseph Smith, Freelance Developer
- Selected by 
Gareth Wilson, Marketing at Fog Creek Software
The Sorrows of Young Developer
- Written by Gian D, Ruby Developer
- Selected by 
Gareth Wilson, Marketing at Fog Creek Software
Investing at Betaworks
- Written by John Borthwick, CEO of Betaworks
- Selected by Derek Parham, Startup Advisor & Investor
The Queen of Code (Video)
- Written by Allison Mccann, Journalist
- Selected by Michael Hoffman, Product Manager at Food52
A JS Framework on Every Table
- Written by Allen Pike, Developer at Steamclock Software