Issue #352

16 September 2022

Issue #352
Friday 16th September's issue is presented by Vanta

Compliance doesn’t have to be complicated. In fact, with Vanta, it can be super simple. Trusted by 3,000+ companies, Vanta automates the pricey, time-consuming process of obtaining SOC 2, ISO 2700, and more.
#Leadership #Management
tl;dr: "One of the most significant themes in my practice is the leader whose team of direct reports are experiencing difficulties working together." Ed guides us through the following tools leaders have here: (1) Logistics: ways of meeting that could be more impactful. (2) One-on-ones: feedback is normal and frequent. (3) Group facilitation: emphasis on process, as opposed to content. (4) Group observation: the group can observe. (5) Group composition: the right people are involved. 
On The Team As A System
- Vicki Boykis
#Leadership #Management
tl;dr: "The critical idea of the blog post is that developers do not work alone: building a product is a team project, and the product itself is a system. And a group of developers working on a single goal also becomes a system that works either together or at cross-purposes with itself." 
Compliance Simplified: Demystifying Risk Assessment
#Security #BestPractice #Management

tl;dr: An information security ("InfoSec") risk assessment is not only a security best practice but also necessary to meet the requirements of the ISO 27001, SOC 2, PCI DSS, and HIPAA compliance standards. Learn more from cybersecurity and data privacy expert Matt Cooper in this short video!

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Hands-Free Coding
- Josh Comeau

tl;dr: Josh developed a repetitive-strain injury in both of elbows - he couldn't use use a mouse or keyboard. After trying to solve the problem with "physiotherapy, ergonomics, braces, diet and supplements, prescription medications, supplements, mindbody soul-searching, and a bunch of other stuff," he found a solution allowing him to be productive without risking further nerve damage, working almost exclusively using a microphone and an eye-tracker. He shows how that works here. 

“If it is not written down, it does not exist.”

― Philippe Kruchten
My Blog is Hilariously Overengineered To The Point People Think It's A Static Site

tl;dr: "I'm going to share the gory details on how my blog works, and why people often mistake it for a static website. Buckle up and kick back, we're going to learn about the internet today."

8 Things You Didn’t Know You Could Do With GitHub Copilot
- Rizel Scarlett
#GitHub #UsefulTool

tl;dr: (1) Assisting non-native English speakers. (2) Creating dictionaries with lookup data. (3) Matching patterns with regular expressions. (5) Preparing for technical interviews. (6) Sending tweets. (7) Exiting Vim. (8) Navigating a new codebase with Copilot Labs. 
QR Codes
- Dan Hollick

tl;dr: "The Quick Response code was invented by a subsidiary of Toyota to track parts across the manufacturing process. Barcodes were proving inadequate - they can only be read at certain angles and didn't store much data relative to their size. The QR code solves those issues and more." Dan dives into how QR codes work. 

Accelerate Python Code 100x By Import Taichi As Ti
- Yuanming Hu

tl;dr: If your program takes forever to run a massive for loop, has a bottleneck, or needs to process lots of images hen you might want to learn more about Taichi. "A DSL embedded in Python but has its own compiler to take over the code decorated with @ti.kernel, achieving high-performance execution on all kinds of hardware, including CPU and GPU. One of the most notable advantages it delivers is speeding up Python code."

Notable GitHub Repos
Beautiful charts for iOS / tvOS / OSX. 

Managing state with style in every framework.

Structural diff tool that compares files based on their syntax.

Scalable, distributed, collaborative, document-graph database, for the web. 

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