Issue #126

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Engineering Management: The Pendulum Or The Ladder
Charity Majors, Engineer / CEO at Honeycomb
4 Things That I Always Manually Test
Lindsey Kopacz, Web Developer, Entrepreneurship Lead at Women Who Code
Key Habits And Things I Wish I Knew Earlier As A Developer
Raf Hamedy, Senior Software Developer 
What's New in JavaScript for 2019
David Neal, Software Developer, and Microsoft MVP
Architecting Your React Application. The Development And Business Perspective Of What To Be Aware Of
Nguyen Roman, Product & Front-End Developer
10 Podcasts for Developers in 2019
- Vaidotas Piekus, Web Developer
Rails 6.0.0 Beta Release
- DHH, Creator of Ruby on Rails, Founder & CTO at Basecamp
How I Got Into Google
-Prajakta Tathavadkar, Software Engineer at Google
Playing With Time Series Data In Python
- Arnaud Zinflou, Research Scientist at Hydro Québec
Google Interview Questions Deconstructed: Synonymous Queries
Alex Golec, Engineering Manager at Reddit, ex-Google
Concepts To Become An Advanced React Developer
Dhanraj Acharya, Full Stack Developer
Art 2.9 Released
- Sepand Haghighi, CTO at Moduland