/Camille Fournier

Engineering Management 101: Evaluating Your Team’s Performance tl;dr: Considerations when reviewing a report's performance against established goals, grading against a set of attributes, and using judgement. "The most interesting and useful part of this exercise is comparing what you get from this data against your gut reaction to the rating you think someone should get."

featured in #212

The Management Flywheel tl;dr: Managers will paint a picture of grand change to fix teams stuck in a rut - new product vision, team re-org, etc... Camille'e experience shows the opposite approach to be true. Managers able to "identify the little things that can be changed," and use these as the starting point for larger change, often succeed.

featured in #208

Product For Internal Platforms tl;dr: The role of building products for your own engineering team requires atypical product management. Camille discusses how it's unique, and her approach. 

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OPP (Other People’s Problems) tl;dr: How to go about solving other people's problems that impact your own work, and how to decide whether this is a challenge you want to take on.

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