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On Messing Up Your Remote Team - And Then Getting It Right tl;dr: In the early stages of Charity's business when the founding team was still establishing the core business, bringing remote workers into brainstorming sessions didn't work. She learnt that remote workers require more structure & clear remits, which can only be provided once a business has a degree of focus. 

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SLOs Are The API For Your Engineering Team tl;dr: Engineering productivity is hampered by outside management requesting features, shifting priorities, etc... SLOs are the "abstraction layer" for those trying to interact or collaborate with your team. Charity runs through how this works.

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The (Real) 11 Reasons I Don't Hire You tl;dr: Being rejected from a job interview is often taken personally. This is an exhaustive list of why someone may not be hired and the nuances behind hiring decisions.

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On Pain, Careers, And Doing Things The Hard Way tl;dr: Two instances where the author endured emotional pain in her job - public speaking and transitioning from a CTO to CEO. In the former, she overcome the pain of public speaking by powering through it. This never worked for the second. As a result, she notes the importance of pain as a teacher and understanding the situations where you can lean into it.

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