/Drew DeVault

Dynamic Linking tl;dr: "Do your installed programs share dynamic libraries? Is loading dynamically linked programs faster? Wouldn't statically linked executables be huge?"

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GitHub's New Notifications: A Case Of Regressive Design tl;dr: A critique of GitHub's new UI, which is currently being rolled out. It has more of an emphasis on notifications and more buttons. 

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The Abiopause tl;dr: C clearly stands out as the "single most important and influential programming language." However, as you work with other languages a tension arises - "you’re stuck either writing bad C code or using poorly-suited tools to interface badly with an otherwise good API."

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Hello World tl;dr: Drew counts the number of syscalls a language performs when printing "Hello World." This should take 2 syscalls but, for most languages, there's a lot more happening under the hood.

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Developers Shouldn't Distribute Their Own Software tl;dr: Plethora of advice on building an engineering team for growth starting with the importance of culture. "Culture isn’t just about the 'feels', it’s about "accountability and behavior." 

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Software Developers Should Avoid Traumatic Changes tl;dr: Two types of changes in open source software inflict trauma on communities. A change where everyone has to overhaul their code to get it to work again, or a change to get code idiomatic again. Drew shows examples of both of these in the Python community.

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How To Fuck Up Software Releases tl;dr: Drew manages releases for free & open-source software, and consistently found ways of making a new mistake each time he shipped a release. Here he shares those mistakes to prevent them from recurring.

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