/Paul Graham

How To Write Usefully tl;dr: The recipe for a good essay is importance + novelty + correctness + strength. Essays speak truths which isn't always received well, as they can often disagree with personal beliefs.

featured in #176

The Lesson To Unlearn tl;dr: "Schools train us to win by hacking bad tests" so we can get good grades, but not learn. Good grades reward us in obvious ways. This mindset filters into the startup world, founders want to hack the system. This is correcting itself and that makes Paul optimistic.

featured in #165

The Bus Ticket Theory of Genius tl;dr: Collectors of old bus tickets "have an obsessive interest" in the their field. It's not rationale, nor driven by market forces. Paul argues that this passion is the sprout of what we consider "genius", and here he philosophizes how to leverage it into your career. 

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