>>> Why Should We Sponsor Pointer?

The ethos of Pointer has always been to curate high quality content for the developer community. Fundamentally, reading and writing is core to becoming a better developer. Pointer is looking to take on sponsors who align with those values. Sponsors who understand that nurturing talent is critical to success, core to their own values, and want to build a long-term, lasting brand with the developer community.

Pointer's sponsorship model is designed to tell a sponsor's story to its community of engaged engineering managers. Whether its to highlight thought leadership in the cloud computing space, a world-class company culture or radical innovation in internal tooling. Pointer is designed to seamlessly tell that story to engaged and influential engineering managers.

>>> What are Pointer's Metrics?

As of today, Pointer has a audience of 10,200 developers with an average Open Rate of 34.89% and an NPS of 60, both well above industry average. Readers skew towards engineering managers and leads, such as CTOs, VPs and Director, across most commercial programming languages. The audience is 80% US based, with SF and NY the top cities developers are based in.

>>> How Does Sponsorship Work?

Sponsors present the issue and are mentioned top of the page with logo. They can include a content piece with the tl;dr along with a note in the middle section, all subject to approval. You can see a sample sponsorship here.

>>> What Is The Cost?

Sponsorship costs $2,000 / issue. Discounts are available for a trial and bulk buys. Please contact suraj@pointer.io for questions.

>>> How Does Sponsorship Influence Content?

In a nutshell, it doesn't and never will. Pointer will always have the right to include the articles it wants to.

>>> How Do I Get In Touch?

Please contact suraj@pointer.io for questions.