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Recommended Engineering Management Books

- Caitie McCaffrey tl;dr: As Caitie stepped into a manager role for the first time, several friends, coaches, and mentors recommended some great books to help along the journey, listed here.

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20 Books That All Leaders Should Read In 2020

- Adam Grant tl;dr: "The major themes: problem-solving, relationships, rhythms of work and life, identity, and happiness."

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The OS Classics

- Werner Vogels tl;dr: Unix kernel design & networking related books, and a few others.

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The 25 Most Recommended Programming Books Of All-time

- Pierre de Wulf tl;dr: Pierre found the many programmer book recommendation lists online and compiled them into one to identify the common recommendations.

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Books I Enjoyed In 2019

- Edd Yerburgh tl;dr: The three books are Masters of Doom, On Writing Well & Ruby under a microscope

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Tech Books I Will Read Again

- Sam Koblenski tl;dr: Includes Object Oriented Design Heuristics, The Pragmatic Programmer, Clean Code: A Handbook of Agile Software Craftsmanship and more. 

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Engineering Management Books

- Jamison Dance tl;dr: Organized into books Jamison loved and highly recommended books he didn't.

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30 Best Dev and Tech Podcasts

- Artem Rosnovsky tl;dr: The first 3 are Syntax, React Podcast and Software Engineering Daily

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Books That Every Engineering Manager Should Read

- Ovidiu Bute tl;dr: Curated based on several factors - books cover a broad set of overlapping principles, they're written in different eras of the software production, listed in a specific order and limited to 7 recommendations. Click the link in this tweet if paywalled.

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