Old CSS, New CSS

- Eevee tl;dr: The evolution of CSS from a personal perspective. Starting pre-CSS to the current use of flexbox. 

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The Making Of An Animated Favicon

- Preethi Sam tl;dr: Perhaps, this is a good way of leveraging under utilized real estate. The author runs through how to animate your site's favicon.

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My Favorite CSS Hack

- Gajus Kuizinas tl;dr: Code snippet that Gajus regularly embeds allows you to visualize elements on page, along with their margin and padding to identify inconsistencies.

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The CSS Mindset

- Max Böck tl;dr: Set of guiding principles that help Max write CSS, the first three are to remember that everything is a rectangle, the cascade is your friend & as much code as necessary, but as little as possible.

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CSS Battle

- Kushagra Gour tl;dr: Online CSS Code Golfing battleground where players replicate targets the in smallest possible CSS code.

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