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Independence, Autonomy, And Too Many Small Teams

- Kislay Verma tl;dr: The concepts behind two pizza teams - mission and independence - have been lost. Teams no longer work on customer problems but a subset of those problems. This requires a lot more cross team collaboration, creating bottlenecks and inefficiencies.

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Post-Commit Reviews

- Cindy Sridharan tl;dr: On behalf of post-commit reviews, where comments are addressed in follow up PRs. Developers can iterate faster, pull requests are kept small, code reviewer can batch review, along with cons and considerations.

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Design Docs At Google

- Malte Ubl tl;dr: Malte runs through the anatomy of such a document - context and scope, goals and non-goals, actual design and more. Design docs help to identify issues earlier, achieve consensus, scale knowledge.

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