Even In Go, Concurrency Is Still Not Easy (With An Example)

- Chris Siebenmann tl;dr: "Go is famous for making concurrency easy"..."except what Go makes easy is only one level of concurrency." Go doesn't currently provide a lot of standard library support for correctly implemented standard concurrency patterns, highlighted here.

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New Case Studies About Google’s Use Of Go

- Rob Pike tl;dr: Rob discusses increasingly diverse use cases of Go within Google - in Core Data Solutions, Chrome and Firebase.

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How Go 1.15 Improved Converting Small Integer Values To Interfaces

- Chris Siebenmann tl;dr: The Go 1.15 release notes mention an intriguing improvement in the runtime section: "converting a small integer value into an interface value no longer causes allocation," discussed here.

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Go 1.15 Is Released

tl;dr: Substantial improvements to the Go linker, improved allocation for small objects at high core counts, and more.

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Go vs Rust: Writing A CLI Tool

- Paulo Henrique Cuchi tl;dr: Paulo wrote a simple web app in Go and Rust languages, both of which are unfamiliar to him. He evaluates both and concludes with their comparative pros and cons.

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Go Is Boring...And That’s Fantastic!

- Jon Bodner tl;dr: "Studies show that process matters. When properly used, Go’s built-in tooling supports better processes while providing time-tested features." It's what's missing from the language that makes it so.

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Lisp 1.5

tl;dr: "It is a pedagogical experiment to see just how well the interpreter (actually EVALQUOTE/ APPLY) defined on page 13 of that book really works."

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The Next Step for Generics

- Ian Lance Taylor Robert Griesemer tl;dr: Go has launched a tool to provide a feel for what generics might look like. Authors want feedback on the implementation - does it make sense? Does it feel like Go? Does it solve the problem for those advocating for generics?

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An Intro To Go For Non-Go Developers

- Ben Hoyt tl;dr: A brief overview of the standard library and language features. 

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The Go Compiler Needs To Be Smarter

- Daniel Lemire tl;dr: Go's compiler is "shy about inlining" and doesn't have a concept of runtime constant variable.

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