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Writing JavaScript Tools In Other Languages – A New Trend?

- Axel Rauschmayer tl;dr: Benefits of using other languages: (1) Can be compiled to native binaries which have faster startup times. (2) Native binaries also usually run considerably faster than JS code. (3) Many languages make it much easier to parallelize code.

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An Opinionated History Of Programming Languages

- Ramkumar Ramachandra tl;dr: Ramkumar visualizes the evolution of programming languages and categorizes each into one of the following - a root language, one unlikely to to influence the future, a dying language, a "toy", a candidate for the future, or a mature one.

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The Three Characteristics Of Fast Growing Programming Languages

- Stephen O'Grady tl;dr: (1) Assimilation: languages that are able to intermingle with large existing language communities e.g. Typescript.(2) Security: Languages with built in security capabilities e.g. Kotlin (3) Versatility: ability to traverse a wide range of use cases e.g. Java.

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Building Companies In Times Of Change

- Reid Hoffman tl;dr: LinkedIn founder discusses notable trends during this period - a move towards distributed founding teams, rise of telehealth, and more.

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The State Of Developer Ecosystem 2020

tl;dr: "Feedback from 19,696 developers whom we surveyed helped us identify the latest trends around tools, technologies, programming languages."

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State of Software Engineers

tl;dr: Demand for AR/VR and gaming engineering roles are growing fastest, insight into salaries based on location and other trends

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Open Source Licenses: 2019 Year In Review

- Luis Villa tl;dr: Luis outlines key trends in OS including (1) growth in China (2) shifts within the main OS organizations (3) push for ethical licenses and more.

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The "No Code" Delusion

- Alex Hudson tl;dr: Alex considers the "no code" discussions a "pipe dream," not seeing any tangible evidence. Certain tools have replaced software e.g. Zapier. With software, the "devil is in the details" and that cannot be replicated.

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How Is Computer Programming Different Today Than 20 Years Ago?

- Sedat Kapanoglu tl;dr: A laundry list of changes seen by Sedat, including this - "being a software development team now involves all team members performing a mysterious ritual of standing up together for 15 minutes in the morning and drawing occult symbols with post-its." You can bypass the paywall by clicking the link in this tweet.

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The Future Of The Web, Isn’t The Web

- Terence Eden tl;dr: The current web paradigm places web browsers as the access point for users to get information. In the near future, we'll see a diversity of user agents and devices (e.g. cars, microwaves, etc...) pull information straight off of web pages. 

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