Second-guessing The Modern Web

- Tom MacWright tl;dr: The author is skeptical of the current industry trend of building single page React apps with server-side rendering. He discusses the reasons why in this post. 

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Best Practices For Tagging Your Infrastructure And Applications

- Mallory Mooney tl;dr: Tagging is important for monitoring application data in modern environments. They "unify your metric, log, and trace data so that you can search for hosts and their services and easily move from one data point to another."

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How Stripe Invests In Technical Infrastructure (Video)

- Will Larson tl;dr: Prioritization is especially challenging for infrastructure engineers. Will presents his approach as Stripe scaled, discussing when to firefight, work on new features and more.

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Successfully Merging the Work of 1000+ Developers

- Jack Li tl;dr: Shopify merge ~400 commits daily and, to do this, built internal tooling - Merge Queue - and by following 3 guidelines. (1) Master must always be green (passing CI) (2) Master must stay close to production (3) Emergency merges must be fast. 

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How To Invest In Technical Infrastructure

- Will Larson tl;dr: Playbook on managing technical infrastructure focussing on how to transition from constant firefighting mode to a structured operational framework.

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