Technical Leadership In Customer Products At The FT

- Tara Ojo tl;dr: At the FT, tech lead cover four areas: (1) Advocate for team members. (2) Responsible for tech direction. (3) Representative of their team (4) Software Engineers. Tara discusses each area. Click the link in this tweet if you're paywalled.

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How To Navigate Performance Reviews When The World Has Gone Bonkers

- Kat Boogard tl;dr: This post advices both managers writing reviews and those writing self-assessment. Focus on compassion. For managers, clarify expectations, consider personal circumstances, focus on outcomes, be honest about personal struggles and recognize soft contributions.

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Managing Technical Quality In A Codebase

- Will Larson tl;dr: Will runs us through his "toolkit" to maintain technical quality, including prioritizing leverage points, establishing a technical quality team, and more. Underlying any approach is the philosophy to "start with something small, and iterate on it until it works."

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Leading People With Experience

- Mark Wood tl;dr: "How do I lead someone who is more experienced than me?" Mark shares 4 strategies (1) Fight the imposter syndrome (2) Realize you're delegating & not supposed to know everything (3) Mention it to the more experienced report & leverage their experience. (4) Learn to coach them.

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Preventing Process Deadlock

- Victor Vu tl;dr: Victor runs through common blockers that slow teams down: (1) Lack of organization as product and design is not consolidated. (2) Outdated, or lack of, documentation (3) Culture where engineers don't realize they're blockers.

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Managers: What Do You Do When Your Teammate Shares Their Grief?

- Lara Hogan tl;dr: (1) Have a simple response, such as “Oh, I’m so sorry” (2) Don't try and solve their problem or make this about yourself. Ask open questions instead. (3) Mirror their energy, use body language (nod, eye contact) (4) Create silence and space. (5) Consider your role and how to help. (6) Follow up.

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We Learn Faster When We Aren’t Told What Choices to Make

- Michele Solis tl;dr: "Learning rates were slower in the forced-choice situation than they were in the free-choice one. It is as though the participants were less invested in the outcomes..."

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Engineering Management 101: Evaluating Your Team’s Performance

- Camille Fournier tl;dr: Considerations when reviewing a report's performance against established goals, grading against a set of attributes, and using judgement. "The most interesting and useful part of this exercise is comparing what you get from this data against your gut reaction to the rating you think someone should get."

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Anyone Can Be a Leader

- Pat Kua tl;dr: “Managers light a fire under people; leaders light a fire in people.” Leaders don't have a title, they can elicit certain qualities, such as courage.

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Less Status Updates, More Coaching

- James Stanier tl;dr: Focus one-on-ones on coaching, less on status updates, which can be done asynchronously. Coaching should gravitate towards your report's conscious or subconscious interests in a situation and push them to answer the questions they raise themselves.

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