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Technical Program Management (TPM) Principles @ Lyft

- John Walpole tl;dr: 9 principles in total starting with (1) customer obsession (2) ownership (3) technical depth.

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Why Are CEOs Failing Software Engineers?

- Gandalf Hudlow tl;dr: Financial and business are common, well established forms of management. Creative management is less established. Software engineering is dominated by business management but should fall under creative management, as it's a designed to unlock new value. We are guided through basic tenets of creative management.

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Pillars Of A Successful Software Project

- Marcus Eisele tl;dr: (1) Know what you should be doing (2) Have a team that delivers (3) Establish processes everybody loves (4) Have a shared communication model with defined tools (5) Establish a codebase that is fun and effective to work with. 

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Manager's Playbook

- Kamil Sindi tl;dr: Detailed guide for managers, by the CTO at JW Player.

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The Wall Of Technical Debt

- Mathias Verraes tl;dr: "The Wall of Technical Debt is a surface in your office where you visualize your tech debt on sticky notes. It has a profound impact on how we choose to add, reduce, pay back, or ignore debt."

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The Importance Of Design Patterns When Leading Large Teams

- Byron Delpinal tl;dr: Guiding multiple teams toward a single goal is difficult. Here’s how software design patterns can encourage open lines of communication, make alignment possible, and help those teams thrive.

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Work Is Work

tl;dr: Org design is fetishized by corporate America always looking for some hack. There isn't one. Organizations are imperfect and, at very best, scale linearly. Despite that, there are tips on how to design a scaling organization here.

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The #1 Bug Predictor Is Not Technical, It's Organizational Complexity

- August Lilleaas tl;dr: Microsoft Research conducted a post-mortem into why Vista failed. Organizational complexity - the distance between decision maker and developer - was the most accurate predictor of bugs. 

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Tech Lead Expectations for Engineering Projects

- Gergely Orosz tl;dr: Framework of how Gergely manages his team at Uber including the initial team setup, how risks are managed, stakeholder communication and more.

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How GitHub’s CTO Architects Engineering Teams That Scale

- Jason Warner tl;dr: Software distribution is based on a social network, and it works well. It's a system of checks and balances refined over time. As engineers we perceive it to be slow, which is not always the case. There is a stark difference in quality between managed (Linux, Debian) and unmanaged (Chrome Extensions, PyPi) distribution. 

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