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Introducing Open Web Docs

- Robert Nyman tl;dr: "A collective project designed to support a community of technical writers around strategic creation and long-term maintenance of web platform technology documentation that is open and inclusive for all."

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Doubling Down On Open, Part II

- Shay Banon tl;dr: Elastic will move the "code of Elasticsearch and Kibana to be dual licensed under SSPL and the Elastic License, giving users the choice of which license to apply."

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Open Source Has A Funding Problem

- James Turner tl;dr: "Relying on volunteers to maintain every open source project isn't long term sustainable. Funding open source projects could keep development moving, but would that funding be raised and who would pay for it?"

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Standing Up For Developers: Youtube-dl Is Back

- Abby Vollmer tl;dr: "We share developers’ frustration with this takedown—especially since this project has many legitimate purposes." Github outlines how they're changing their review process moving forward.

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5 Tips For Making Documentation A Priority In Open Source Projects

- Sofia Wallin Ray Paik tl;dr: (1) Value contributions to documentation just as much as code contributions. (2) Put documentation and code in the same project repo. (3) Make documentation a requirement for a merge or release milestone, and more.

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GitHub Archive Program: The Journey Of The World’s Open Source Code To The Arctic

- Julia Metcalf tl;dr: Julia updates us on GitHub's Archive Program - storing open source code in the Arctic Circle.

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Keynote: Linus Torvalds In Conversation With Dirk Hohndel (Video)

tl;dr: Dirk Hohndel, VP & Chief Open Source Officer at VMware, interviews Linus. Discussions on trends and challenges, including the issues around finding OS maintainers.

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Dos And Don'ts In Open Source

- Olafur Pall Geirsson tl;dr: Ólafur is a prolific contributor to OS. He tries to avoid unproductive discussions and focus on work. He outlines his dos and don'ts, applicable to both maintainers and contributors. 

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Open Source Licenses: 2019 Year In Review

- Luis Villa tl;dr: Luis outlines key trends in OS including (1) growth in China (2) shifts within the main OS organizations (3) push for ethical licenses and more.

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My FOSS Story

- Andrew Gallant tl;dr: An insight into the negative emotions, pressures and economic issues faced by a FOSS maintainer. 

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