Developing the Largest Contentful Paint Metric

- Annie Sullivan tl;dr: A new performance metric has been established by the Chrome team measuring when the main contents of a page is displayed. This runs through the framework used to build this metric and the objective. 

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Moving Towards A Faster Web

- Addy Osmani Ben Greenstein Bryan McQuade tl;dr: The Chrome team are in development of "badging", a method of identifying sites that are built in "a way that makes them slow" by looking at historical load latencies. In the future, such information may be communicated to users. 

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Shared Cache Is Going Away

- Jeff Kaufman tl;dr: A single cache is a security risk, browsers are responding by partitioning the cache. As a result, developers "won't get performance benefits from using a canonical URL over hosting on their own site."

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Techniques To Make A Web App Load Fast, Even On A Feature Phone

- Surma tl;dr: Always measure before optimizing performance. Effective optimization methods are (1) deliver as many assets over one connection (2) preload assets for the first render / interactivity (3) prerender app to improve perceived loading performance (4) aggressive code splitting to reduce the amount of code needed for interactivity.

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Fast Software, the Best Software

- Craig Mod tl;dr: When you experience software, apps that perform quickly build trust. When applications are bloated, take time to load or function a command, we tend to distrust them and we lose our "flow". Aim to build fast, light, software. The author cycles through many examples of what he likes and doesn't.

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Modern Script Loading

- Jason Miller tl;dr: Often scripts are configured to over-fetch, decreasing performance. Here are several options to optimize script loading time based on use case and architecture.

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Speed At Scale - What's New In Web Performance?

- Katie Hempenius Addy Osmani tl;dr: (1) Lighthouse supports Performance Budgeting (2) Native image and iframe lazy-loading comes to the web (3) Google Fonts now supports font-display as a query parameter.

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A Conspiracy To Kill IE6

- Chris Zacharias tl;dr: Just after Google's acquisition of YouTube, a YouTube engineer recounts his team's stealth effort to push a fifth of the site's users off of IE6 without informing the organization 🤫.

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Improving Third-party Web Performance At The Telegraph

- Gareth Clubb tl;dr: Biggest challenge was organizational - meeting demands from various stakeholders. This was tackled by creating a cross-departmental working group. Articles outlines how deferring JS had significant impact on performance and tools used to monitor it. Click the link in this tweet if paywalled.

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Native Image Lazy-loading For The Web!

- Addy Osmani tl;dr: New loading attribute for images and iframes helps content load quicker, reduces network data usage and reduces memory usage. It should be shipped as part of Chrome 75.

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