Building A Recommendation Engine Inside Postgres With Python And Pandas

- Craig Kerstiens tl;dr: Craig guides us through his experimental recommendation engine - with "SciPy, NumPy and Pandas there is a lot of interesting potential here."

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How To Implement Search By Color When All You Have Is A Good Coffee

- Mike Alche tl;dr: How search was implemented on a Next.JS app using PostgreSQL and third party library called "color thief."

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10 Things I Hate About PostgreSQL

- Rick Branson tl;dr: A dive into PostgreSQL’s imperfections (1) Disastrous XID wraparound (2) Failover will probably lose data (3) Inefficient replication that spreads corruption. 

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Simplify: Move Code Into Database Functions

- Derek Sivers tl;dr: "If you are a web or API developer, programming code that uses an SQL database, this is for you. I’ve found a very different and useful way to structure code."

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tl;dr: "Eliminate database-related roadblocks on the way of developers, DBAs and QA engineers"

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Thinking Psycopg3

- Daniele Varrazzo tl;dr: Daniele, a maintainer of Pscyopg2, is planning for the next version. 

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Advanced Scheduling For PostgreSQL

- Pavlo Golub tl;dr: "pg_timetable is an advanced job scheduler for PostgreSQL, offering many advantages over traditional schedulers such as cron and others. It is completely database driven and provides a couple of advanced concepts."

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PostgreSQL At Low Level: Stay Curious!

- Dimitry Dolgov tl;dr: Deep dive into the inner workings of a Postgres DB. Dimitry uses a few examples of situations he finds interesting or useful, where outside tools help illustrate what's going on under the hood. 

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PostgreSQL 12 Released!

tl;dr: "PostgreSQL 12 enhancements include notable improvements to query performance, particularly over larger data sets, and overall space utilization."

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Building A Distributed Time-series Database On PostgreSQL

- Erik Nordstrom Mike Freedman tl;dr: Post announces the launch and outlines the features of the distributed version of TimescaleDB, a time-series database on PostgreSQL.

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