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- Itamar Turner-Trauring tl;dr: The goal of YAGNI - You You Ain’t Gonna Need It principle - and YDNIY - You Don’t Need It Yet - is to get something useful into users’ hands as quickly as possible.

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Ask the EM: How Can I Work Better With My Product Manager, As An Engineering Lead?

- Gergely Orosz tl;dr: A healthy relationship between engineering and product lead has (1) two people, one voice inside and outside the team. (2) Frequent communication. (3) Empathy towards the other. (4) Clear understanding of where roles start and end. Gergely discusses how to forge such a relationship.

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Why Standups Are Useless And How To Run Great Product Team Meetings

- Andy John tl;dr: In the bulk of a product development process, standups aren't useful. Instead, hold 1-2 meetings a week with the following agenda - (1) action items: who is handling what key action item and by what date? (2) what decisions need to be made?

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Performance Metrics For Blazingly Fast Web Apps

- Conrad Irwin tl;dr: Conrad discusses Superhuman's approach to performance metrics (1) Use event.timeStamp for start of events (2) end of events, use use performance.now() in a requestAnimationFrame() 3) ignore when the tab is not focused 4) aggregate data using “% of events that are under target” 5) visualize multiple thresholds. 📈 Click on the link in this tweet to bypass the paywall.

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How Product Managers Lose Trust

- John Cutler tl;dr: Trust is essential between team members and is a result of previous decisions made between team members. Second, language used by PMs is essential - John uses various scenarios to illustrate this.

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Guide to Product Planning: Three Feature Buckets

- Adam Nash tl;dr: Features can be bucketed into one of three. Metric movers, designed to make business goals happen. Customer requests and customer delight, making sure customer needs are focussed on.

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Do, Try, Consider - How We Give Product Feedback At Asana

- Jackie Bavaro tl;dr: Framework for giving feedback on product related matters. "Do" is rarely used and mandatory, asking the team to perform a next step. "Try" asks the team to explore a next step. "Consider" shares an optional idea.

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Creating Flow and Value in Product Development

- John Cutler tl;dr: The time developers spend coding in a 40 hour work week is relatively small. Hence, limiting work in progress, the scope of work, and handoffs between teams can increase flow and value in product development. The key is to focus on cadence and flow.

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The Story of Spotify Personas

- Mady Torres De Souza Olga Hording Sohit Karol tl;dr: Outlines the development of personas by clustering Spotify listeners based on needs, attitudes, device habits, contexts and other variables, and then understanding the situations people listened to music together. The articles also outlines how these were shared across autonomous teams.

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Engineering Guide To Writing Correct User Stories

- Nikita Sobolev tl;dr: This article runs through how to get better with the default user story format, rewrite stories so they become verifiable and how to link user stories with tests, source code, and documentation.

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