How To Trick A Neural Network In Python 3

- Alvin Wan tl;dr: A tutorial that teaches you to trick an animal classifier and an understanding of how to defend against such tricks.

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How Async Should Have Been

- Nikita Sobolev tl;dr: Here the author provides his thoughts about the feature along with an outline of a new solution.

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Space Science with Python - A Data Science Tutorial Series

- Thomas Albin tl;dr: "A tutorial series that links Space Science with Python."

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Ultimate Guide To Python Debugging

- Martin Heinz tl;dr: Using print statements is "far from ideal and there are much better ways to find out what's wrong with your code," explored in this article.

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Stop Using datetime.now!

- Haki Benita tl;dr: Discusses dependency injection as a design pattern, which has the main benefit of decoupling modules, functions & objects.

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Under Discussion: The Performance Of Python

- Julien Danjou Victor Stinner tl;dr: The article covers how best to measure Python's performance, as well as the reasons behind its slow speeds, and the ongoing projects and concrete solutions being implemented to tackle performance issues. 

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Variations On The Death Of Python 2

- James Bennett tl;dr: "Less a coherent post that makes a clear point, and more a series of vignettes that explore different thoughts."

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The 2020 Python Language Summit

tl;dr: The Python Language Summit was held over video conference this year. It comprises short presentations given by implementers, which are summarized here. 

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PyCon US 2020 In Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania Is Cancelled

- Ewa Jodlowska tl;dr: Despite being cancelled PyCon will deliver several components remotely throughout April. 

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“Let’s Use Kubernetes!” Now You Have 8 problems

- Itamar Turner-Trauring tl;dr: A look into the many complexities of Kubernetes. While "in some situations Kubernetes is a really great idea. In others it’s a timesink with no benefit."

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