Higher Kinded Types in Python

- Nikita Sobolev tl;dr: Nikita explains what Higher Kinded Types (HKTs) are, why they are useful, how they are implemented, limitations and how they can be used in projects.

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Python For Feature Film

- Dhruv Govil tl;dr: "How programming can be such a vital part of bringing moving to life nowadays, and more specifically, how Python itself is so useful." Dhruv shows us how Python contributes to lighting, fx, animation, and more.

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Python Developers Survey 2020

tl;dr: "We encourage you to participate by taking this 10-minute survey and making an invaluable contribution to the community. "

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How To Detect Plagiarism In The Text Using Python

- Jordan Kalebu tl;dr: "In this tutorial, we're going to learn how to Make a Plagiarism Detector in Python using machine learning techniques such as word2vec and cosine similarity in just a few lines of code."

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Python 3.9: Cool New Features For You To Try

- Geir Arne Hjelle tl;dr: Proper time zone support, updating dictionaries effectively, using decorators based on expressions, combining type hints and other annotations.

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Fastcore: An Underrated Python Library

- Hamel Husain tl;dr: Fastcore is "a unique python library that extends the python programming language and provides utilities that enhance productivity."

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Discover The Role Of Python in Space Exploration

tl;dr: "The goal is not to learn Python, the goal is to understand how Python plays a role in the innovative solutions that NASA creates."

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Building A Recommendation Engine Inside Postgres With Python And Pandas

- Craig Kerstiens tl;dr: Craig guides us through his experimental recommendation engine - with "SciPy, NumPy and Pandas there is a lot of interesting potential here."

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Ten Years of Flask: Conversation With Creator Armin Ronacher

- Armin Ronacher Christopher Bailey tl;dr: Podcast episode where Armin talks about the origins of Flask, the components that make up the framework, documenting a framework or API, and how he would do it all differently now.

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Hashing it Out

- Akshay Ravikumar tl;dr: Akshay runs through 4 advanced Python dictionary questions and solutions he presented students at MIT.

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