Python Behind The Scenes #8: How Python Strings Work

- Victor Skvortsov tl;dr: (1) How to talk to the external world (the encodings of command-line parameters, environment variables, standard streams and the file system). (2) How to read the source code (the encoding of source files). (3) How to represent text internally (the encoding of strings).

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Python Developers Survey 2020 Results

tl;dr: "In October 2020, more than 28,000 Python developers and enthusiasts from almost 200 countries/regions took the survey to reveal the current state of the language and the ecosystem around it."

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Unravelling `for` Statements

- Brett Cannon tl;dr: "I will be diving into CPython's C code, but understanding or even reading those parts of this post won't be required in order to understand how the unravelling works."

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PyCon Us 2021 Call for Proposals is Open!

- Jackie Augustine tl;dr: "During this unique year we will be asking presenters to pre-record their session and be available online during their sessions to engage with the attendees via chat." Proposals due February 12, 2021.

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Higher Kinded Types in Python

- Nikita Sobolev tl;dr: Nikita explains what Higher Kinded Types (HKTs) are, why they are useful, how they are implemented, limitations and how they can be used in projects.

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Python For Feature Film

- Dhruv Govil tl;dr: "How programming can be such a vital part of bringing moving to life nowadays, and more specifically, how Python itself is so useful." Dhruv shows us how Python contributes to lighting, fx, animation, and more.

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Python Developers Survey 2020

tl;dr: "We encourage you to participate by taking this 10-minute survey and making an invaluable contribution to the community. "

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How To Detect Plagiarism In The Text Using Python

- Jordan Kalebu tl;dr: "In this tutorial, we're going to learn how to Make a Plagiarism Detector in Python using machine learning techniques such as word2vec and cosine similarity in just a few lines of code."

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Python 3.9: Cool New Features For You To Try

- Geir Arne Hjelle tl;dr: Proper time zone support, updating dictionaries effectively, using decorators based on expressions, combining type hints and other annotations.

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Fastcore: An Underrated Python Library

- Hamel Husain tl;dr: Fastcore is "a unique python library that extends the python programming language and provides utilities that enhance productivity."

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