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Leading Virtually

- Fred Wilson tl;dr: Tips for leading remote teams during stressful times - more frequent short checkins with entire team, skip level 1-1s, leaning on the leadership team, more time off, celebrating more (birthdays, accomplishments), being yourself.

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How To Spot When An Employee Is Secretly Struggling

- Caroline Rook Thomas Hellwig tl;dr: Check-in via Zoom polls using questions like "What is your energy level?" Some employees may still feel intimated, so go deep in 1-1s using the “Stress APGAR” framework.  

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Stripe's Remote Engineering Hub, One Year In

- Jay Shirley tl;dr: For businesses that weren't full remote but considering it now, a rundown of what Stripe has learnt. 

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How Lyft Does Remote Learning Differently

- Jennifer Gilbert tl;dr: How Lyft pivoted their tech learning strategies for remote work, including their work with online learning platforms. 

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Managing Remotely

- Julie Zhuo tl;dr: Tips for (1) interacting with others (2) video meetings (3) your work-from-home environment (4) remaining active (5) better focus. 

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How We Measure Our Development Process Now That We’re 100% Remote

- Dan Lines tl;dr: As the Linearb team shifted to working from home, productivity took a hit. Here they discuss how they re-evaluated their process along with other steps that helped boost productivity and adapt to the circumstances

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Leading Fom Afar. How To Be An Effective Leader In A Remote World

- Peter Gillard-Moss tl;dr: Peter found the challenges in becoming a remote leader 6 years ago allowed him to grow. He discusses those here. 

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Digital Working: COVID-19

tl;dr: Working document created by London based VC LocalGlobe on remote work during this crisis. 

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Work in the Time of Corona

- Alice Goldfuss tl;dr: Tips on working from home but also an important reminder that this isn't normal. It's okay to feel unproductive due to stress. Monitor your mental health and be kind to yourself and others. 

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Transitioning From Offices To Distributed Teams During A Crisis

- John O'Duinn tl;dr: Transitioning From Offices To Distributed Teams During A Crisis

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