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On Messing Up Your Remote Team - And Then Getting It Right

- Charity Majors tl;dr: In the early stages of Charity's business when the founding team was still establishing the core business, bringing remote workers into brainstorming sessions didn't work. She learnt that remote workers require more structure & clear remits, which can only be provided once a business has a degree of focus. 

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Asynchronous Communication: The Real Reason Remote Workers Are More Productive

- Amir Salihefendic tl;dr: Author advocates for async communication regardless of whether teams are remote, discussing benefits of such communication and how to build company culture around it.

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The Early Disciple Of Remote Startups

- Tomasz Tunguz tl;dr: "Remote forces you to do the things you should be doing anyway earlier and better." As a virtue of being remote, you establish and commit to core values and other HR functions much sooner.

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Communication Techniques for Leading Remote Teams

- Vy Luu tl;dr: Communication frequency and style is critical. Remote workers need leaders that are high energy, personable and communicate frequently. Click the link in this tweet if you are paywalled

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How Remote Work Impacts Employees With Disabilities

- Caleb Kaiser tl;dr: Commuting with disabilities can be challenging. Remote work not only removes this challenge but opens up companies to a wider talent pool and creates a more flexible work schedule for those that need it.

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Leaders, Are You Ready to Manage Remote Teams?

- Vy Luu tl;dr: Article cites companies doing remote work well, their top-down approach, and the pain-points felt along the way.

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Working Remotely, 4 Years In

- Julia Evans tl;dr: Julia, an engineer at Stripe, gives her perspective on working remotely by answering the following questions - Will I miss out on conversations in the office? How will communication work? Will people forget I exist? Can I take responsibility for really important projects? Can I get promoted? Can I be a leader?

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Happy Tools

- Automattic tl;dr: Scheduling tool designed to help "tackle a problem that plagues companies like ours - scheduling in a modern, distributed work environment."

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Setting Boundaries At Your Job As A Programmer

- Itamar Turner-Trauring tl;dr: Some thoughts on how to set boundaries - don't ask for prep work before starting a new job, don't setup work email or slack on your phone or personal computer. Don't take your laptop on vacation.

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The Problems in Remote Working

- Ryan Hoover tl;dr: Issues are loneliness, ability to disconnect, distractions (cats on keyboards 🐱), missing out on watercooler talk & poor quality communications tools. Also, remote members fear their work is judged more.

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