Rust: Dropping Heavy Things In Another Thread Can Make Your Code 10000 Times Faster

- Aaron Abramov tl;dr: "A significant chunk of time is usually spent not in doing any computations, but in dropping large data structures at the end of the function." Example and workaround is shown. 

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Five Years Of Rust

tl;dr: A high-level look back at how the language and community has evolved. 

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States Machines

- Yoshua Wuyts tl;dr: A post on state machines, what they are, how they can be implemented in Rust and current limitations. 

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Two Years With Rust

- Marc Brooker tl;dr: Marc enjoys Rust and hopes it'll grow. "The long-term success of Rust as a systems language is going to depend on how well the community and tools handle unsafe. A lot of the value of Rust lies in its safety, and it's still too easy to break that safety without knowing it."

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Why Discord Is Switching From Go To Rust

- Jesse Howarth tl;dr: Switching a service to Rust significantly improved performance. This post outlines how it was done and the improvements. If you are paywalled, click on the link in this tweet.

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A Sad Day For Rust

- Steve Klabnik tl;dr: Actix-web - a Rust web framework - is no longer maintained as the author quit. Steve explains the confluence of external pressure and mismanagement for this to be the outcome. 

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Let The Compiler Do The Work

- Fortuna Eruditis Favet tl;dr: In Part of 6 of this Rust tutorial, Fortuna walks through how we'd rewrite a program from scratch in Rust, relying on compiler auto-vectorization.

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Learn Rust The Dangerous Way

- Fortuna Eruditis Favet tl;dr: "A series of articles putting Rust features in context for low-level C programmers who don't have a formal CS background - the sort of people who work on firmware, game engines, OS kernels, and the like." 

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AWS’ Sponsorship Of The Rust Project

- Arun Gupta Jacob Peddicord David Barsky tl;dr: More companies are using Rust including Google, Microsoft, and Mozilla. It's also seen growth in AWS, with services such as Lambda, EC2, and S3.

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