Planning The 2021 Roadmap

tl;dr: "We want to hear from the community. We’re going to be running two parallel efforts over the next several weeks: the 2020 Rust Survey, to be announced next week, and a call for blog posts."

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RustConf 2020 Summary

tl;dr: "An aggregation of links that summarize RustConf 2020. Pull requests welcome!"

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Laying The Foundation For Rust's Future

tl;dr: As a result of the re-org and layoffs at Mozilla "the Rust Core Team and Mozilla are happy to announce plans to create a Rust foundation," planned to be up and running by the end of the year."

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tl;dr: "Small exercises to get you used to reading and writing Rust code. This includes reading and responding to compiler messages!"

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Go vs Rust: Writing A CLI Tool

- Paulo Henrique Cuchi tl;dr: Paulo wrote a simple web app in Go and Rust languages, both of which are unfamiliar to him. He evaluates both and concludes with their comparative pros and cons.

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Linux Kernel In-tree Rust Support

- Nick Desaulniers tl;dr: Email thread on incorporating Rust into the Linux Kernel.

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Microsoft: Rust Is The Industry’s ‘Best Chance’ At Safe Systems Programming

- Joab Jackson tl;dr: "Microsoft is gradually switching to Rust to build its infrastructure software, away from C/C++."

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Rust: Dropping Heavy Things In Another Thread Can Make Your Code 10000 Times Faster

- Aaron Abramov tl;dr: "A significant chunk of time is usually spent not in doing any computations, but in dropping large data structures at the end of the function." Example and workaround is shown. 

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Five Years Of Rust

tl;dr: A high-level look back at how the language and community has evolved. 

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States Machines

- Yoshua Wuyts tl;dr: A post on state machines, what they are, how they can be implemented in Rust and current limitations. 

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