API Pagination Design

- Alexander Solovyov tl;dr: The common way to paginate in APIs - offset or page number - tends to lead to a "suboptimal" SQL query, requiring databases to find, count and throw away rows. Alexander shows us a better way, using cursor.

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SQL Queries For Git Repositories

tl;dr: "A command-line tool for running SQL queries on git repositories meant for ad-hoc querying of git repositories on disk through a common interface (SQL)."

featured in #199

Some SQL Tricks of an Application DBA

- Haki Benita tl;dr: Haki shares "non-trivial tips" around database development with explanations, such as (1) update only what needs updating (2) disable constraints and indexes during bulk loads, and more

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SQL Queries Don't Start With SELECT

tl;dr: Having written thousands of queries, Julia realized she didn't know the exact order a query ran. She notes the order and runs through how DB engines optimize queries.

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10 Ways to Tweak Slow SQL Queries

- Helen Anderson tl;dr: Useful tips and checklist to ensure your SQL queries are optimized and well written.

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