Issue #234

30 June 2021

Issue #234
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 #Management #Leadership
tl;dr: "Coachability" has two axes on a matrix - receptiveness and actionability. Being both receptive and actionable is ideal but can come in an unhealthy form as a people pleaser. The healthier way to operate is when you know yourself, "when everything feels very clear" and feedback fits into your mental model.
tl;dr: "Working on a fully distributed team isn’t the asynchronous collab disaster I once thought it might be... It's actually a blessing in disguise." New to managing a distributed team? We have a new way of thinking for you.

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tl;dr: Skyscanner created a 6 month onboarding program for engineers to experience a management career path, based on three tenets - (1) Education of basic management concepts. (2) Experience of in line-management responsibility where the engineer will be responsible for developing and growing. (3) Exposure where the eng have a mentor to help with day to day issues.
#Leadership #Management

tl;dr: (1) Having an opinion yet not being opinionated on everything. (2) Filled with energy yet calm in all situations. (3) Disown their team’s successes and own their team’s issues, and seven more traits.

#Metrics #ProductManagement
tl;dr: Lenny surveyed current and past employees at over 40 of today’s most successful growth-stage companies to compile a table of the metrics commonly used. He also has a a framework for choosing a north star metric based on company type.
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tl;dr: "If you're working with large amounts of data, you've likely heard about high-cardinality or ran into issues relating to it. It might sound like an intimidating topic if you're unfamiliar with it, but this article explains what cardinality is and why it crops up often with databases of all types."
tl;dr: Astro is a "static site builder that delivers lightning-fast performance with a modern developer experience." You compose your website using UI components from your favorite JS framework (React, Svelte, Vue, etc...). and Astro renders your entire site to static HTML during the build.
The Perfect Number Of Hours To Work Every Day? Five
- Margaret Taylor

tl;dr: Research indicates that five hours is about the maximum that most of us can concentrate hard on something. Instead of reducing the number of days per week worked to four, it's better for productivity to reduce the number of hours per day and give employees the option of working longer if needed.

Deno 1.11 Release Notes
tl;dr: Deno 1.11 has been tagged and released with the follow features: (1) Abortable fetch: abort ongoing fetch requests in a web compatible way (2) More Web Crypto APIs: support for crypto.subtle.digest and crypto.randomUUID landed.
Next.js 11
tl;dr: Our mission to create the best developer experience continues with Next.js 11, featuring: (1) Conformance: A system that provides carefully crafted solutions to support optimal UX. (2) Improved Performance: Further optimizations to improve cold startup time so you can start coding faster, and more.