Issue #308

15 April 2022

Issue #308
Friday 15th April's issue is presented by Mux

Data is the foundation for building great video experiences. With just a few lines of code, you can get the data you need to understand user engagement on your videos and improve the Quality of Experience for your viewers.
- Paulo André
#Leadership #Management #CareerAdvice
tl;dr: "You start realizing that everything comes back to a relatively small number of principles, universally applicable." Paulo's 20 principles include: (1) Don’t fool yourself. Self-awareness is the foundation without which nothing else works. (2) Lead yourself first. Manage emotions, don’t suppress them. (3) Focus on what you can control. Attempting to control the uncontrollable is a waste of time and energy. And more. 
#Leadership #Management
tl;dr: "The compass is a popular metaphor for leadership - we value its steadfastness and reliability. The weathervane symbolizes bad leadership - we're skeptical of leaders too easily swayed." The most effective leaders integrate aspects of both so the question isn't "what kind of leader should I be?" but "what kind of leadership is called for at this moment - and am I capable of summoning it?" Ed provides us with 30 questions to navigate this.
How Live Is Your Stream? Measure Live Latency At Scale With Mux Data
#Management #Latency #Scale

tl;dr: Beta test the new HLS Live Stream Latency metric in Mux Data for free! Understand the live streaming experience, and find opportunities to improve.

Promoted by Mux.
#Leadership #Management #IndustryNews

tl;dr: Gergely covers a timeline of events, cause of the outage, what customers are saying, the impact of the outage on Atlassian’s business, learnings from this outage, and more. 

"Testing shows the presence, not the absence of bugs."

– Edsger W Dijkstra

A List Of New(ish) Command Line Tools
- Julia Evans

tl;dr: "My favourites of these that I use already are entr, ripgrep, git-delta, httpie, plocate, and jq." Julia breaks this list into replacements for standard tools, new inventions, and less-new tools. 

You Can Automate More Than You Think
- Hillel Wayne

tl;dr: "I don’t need to burn any of my limited focus on something menial anymore. It matters even more when automating something I don’t know by heart, like my Zoom URL or my EIN. Then it takes focus to find it ;and then copy it over."

1,000,000 Concurrent Connections
- Joseph Mate

tl;dr: "I hear the misconception that a server can only accept 65K connections or a server consumes a port for each accepted connection all the time." Joseph wrote this article to dispel this myth from 3 angles. 

#AI #OpenAI

tl;dr: A new AI system that can create realistic images and art from a description in natural language.

Notable GitHub Repos
A new type of shell.

Find leaked credentials.


Text editor framework that provides performance.

A simple, fast and user-friendly alternative to 'find'

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