Issue #109.1

18 January 2017

Issue #109.1

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Recognizing Traffic Lights With Deep Learning
- Written by David Brailovsky, Chief Architect at BillGuard
The Problem With AMP
- Written by Kyle Schreiber, UNIX Hacker
How Do You Make An Awesome Team?
- Written by Julia Evans, Engineer at Stripe
Clean Code Javascript
- Written by Ryan Mcdermott, Developer
How I stay up-to-date as a Developer
- Written by AndrĂ© Rodrigues Pena, Tech lead at Thomson Reuters. 
Python Asynchronous I/O Walkthrough
- Written by Philip Guo, Assistant Professor of Cognitive Science at UC San Diego

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Everything You Need to Know About HTTP Security Headers
- Written by Max Veytsman, Co-founder of Appcanary
Big Deep Learning News: Google Tensorflow Chooses Keras
- Written by Rachel Thomas, Deep Learning Research at
2017 is the Year That Front-end Developers Should Go Back and Master the Basics
- Written by Artem Sapegin, Front-end Developer at Here
Moving Persistent Data Out of Redis
- Written by Bryana Knight and Miguel Fernandez, Platform Engineers at GitHub 
The Global Object in Javascript: a Matter of Platforms, Unreadable Code and not Breaking the Internet
- Written by Stefan Judis, Front-end Developer
Use the Zeigarnik Effect to Learn to Code Faster
- Written by Steve Gilbert, Developer

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