Issue #187

23 June 2020

Issue #187
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#Leadership #Management
tl;dr: A Value Oasis is when a team's values misalign with the org's. This can be "messy," especially when the team's leader - who created the Oasis - is no longer present. An effective leader can use the "model, document and shareā€¯ method to effect wider change within the organization. 
tl;dr: There is an underlying tension between ego and mastering a task at hand. By removing the ego, putting the "task at the center" with a "beginner's mind," there is better focus. It's also taught Jose to love, not fear, the problem solving process.
#Diversity #CompanyCulture #Management
tl;dr: LinkedIn's open course to "learn about the challenges and opportunities inherent in working in diverse organizations." 
tl;dr: Julia's goal is "to be able to write little websites with less than 200 lines of Javascript that mostly work." She runs through what all she's been able to do playing around with simple JS and without using a framework. 
Lisp 1.5
- Rob Pike
#Go #Lisp
tl;dr: "It is a pedagogical experiment to see just how well the interpreter (actually EVALQUOTE/  APPLY) defined on page 13 of that book really works."
Editor's Note:

I'm experimenting with sending Pointer out twice a week on Tuesdays and Fridays. Issues will be a slightly shorter, based on feedback. 

My door is always open, just hit reply. 
The Certainty Of Failure
- Marc Gauthier
#Management #Leadership
tl;dr: Failures are valuable to teams if looked on the right way. They can allow for "blameless retrospectives, more psychological safety for all and a quicker adoption of best practices through sharing experience." 
#GitHub #UsefulTool
tl;dr: A "source code repository packaged into a Docker container and called by GitHub Actions. It will support a lot of languages and more coming in the future."
#Apple #Swift
tl;dr: 2-part series where Connor guides us on how to build a menubar macOS app that streams NPR stations.
- Jared Palmer
tl;dr: "The turning point was when they changed how the ranking system on the trending page worked." Jared explains why, and considers an opportunity for "social network-like features" on GitHub like a NewsFeed or project chat.
JavaScript Questions
- Lydia Hallie
tl;dr: "From basic to advanced: test how well you know JavaScript, refresh your knowledge a bit, or prepare for your coding interview!"

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