Issue #193

17 July 2020

Issue #193
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#Management #ManagementProcess #Productivity
tl;dr: Charity doesn't believe so - metric can be gamed, preferring a combination of (1) impact focused, outcome-based management (2) team level health metrics (3) engineering ladder and regular lightweight reviews (4) managers who are well calibrated across the org. Teams should also use the 4 DORA metrics.
tl;dr: Study by NCSU & Microsoft suggests that whiteboarding interviews are deeply flawed. They create performance anxiety inhibiting coding ability, bias towards candidates who can afford to prepare and those the interviewee prefers.
tl;dr: "This article is a set of real-world examples where data structures like trees, graphs, and various algorithms were used in production."
tl;dr: "You get maybe four sentences to convince" readers your essay is worth their time. On top of that, you should continually "provide strong motivations for everything you want to talk about." Lots of tactical pointers here.
#CareerAdvice #Guide
tl;dr: Ask if it's ok first - since there are scenarios it may be counterproductive. Think about when it's important, how to do it, and other guidance.
"Computers are useless. They can only give you answers."

- Pablo Picasso
You've Only Added Two Lines - Why Did That Take Two days!
- Matt Lacey
tl;dr: Matt discusses common assumptions managers make and why this scenario is valid.
tl;dr: "GPT-3 is quite impressive in some areas, and still clearly subhuman in others." Kevin shows the questions he asks OpenAI’s new GPT-3 language model, along with its answers.
The WET Codebase
- Dan Abramov
tl;dr: Includes a video of Dan's presentation, the basic premise is that code that's free of duplication leads to software we can't understand. Violations of DRY are WET - “write every time”, “write everything twice”, etc...
Hashing it Out
- Akshay Ravikumar
#Python #Dictionary
tl;dr: Akshay runs through 4 advanced Python dictionary questions and solutions he presented students at MIT.
#GitHub #OpenSource
tl;dr: Julia updates us on GitHub's Archive Program - storing open source code in the Arctic Circle.

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