Issue #246

17 August 2021

Issue #246

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#Management #Leadership
tl;dr: "No one becomes a good software engineer by themselves." Vicki believes that there are 3 things developers need in order to improve, each explained in detail: (1) The room to make mistakes. (2) Repeated exposure to best practices. (3) Understanding how to ask good questions, or learning how to learn.
Run Code Faster Than The Speed Of Light
#Management #Leadership

tl;dr: Nanos is a Linux binary-compatible unikernel that runs one and only one application in the cloud. Faster and safer than Linux.

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Engineering Manager Archetypes And Career Paths
- Charity Majors
#Leadership #Management
tl;dr: "If your heart is pulling you in one direction, by all means, follow it." Charity explores the following career paths: (1) The junior engineer who became an early manager. (2) The novice manager who wants to go back to engineering, six months in. (3) The manager who wants to go back to engineering, but only temporarily. (4) The manager who was forced into it and wants out... has wanted out for years, and 3 more. 
tl;dr: Broken into 3 categories - Technical, Collaboration & External. Technical questions begin with: (1) How do I locally build the software? (2) How do I locally test the software? (3) How do I setup my development environment? (4) Where does the source code live? (5) Where is the CI/CD pipeline and how does it work?
tl;dr: (1) Comments should not duplicate the code. (2) Good comments do not excuse unclear code. (3) If you can’t write a clear comment, there may be a problem with the code. (4) Comments should dispel confusion, not cause it. (5) Explain unidiomatic code in comments, and more. Each explained in detail. 
A Message From Nanos...

Run Linux Software Faster and Safer Than Linux through Open Source Unikernels. Run 2X as fast on Google Cloud and 3X fast on AWS. Easier than K8S. Nanos is a free, open source linux binary-compatible unikernel. 
tl;dr: "Technologists hold an increasingly important position in society, with the capability to change billions of peoples’ life experiences." Yet, the ideologies or life-philosophies on offer to most people pursuing a career in tech are "surprisingly shallow." These essays are a step in a different direction - "an ethic that prioritizes technologists’ agency, the need for self-reflection, and the importance of historical inquiry."
The Web Browser As A Tool Of Thought
- Linus Lee
#ThoughtPiece #WebBrowser
tl;dr: "The vision of the web browser that excites me the most is one where the browser is a medium for creativity, learning, and thinking deeply that spans personal and public spheres of knowledge." Linus illustrates his vision in this post. 
How To Write Fast Rust Code
- Renato Athaydes
tl;dr: "Rust allows you to make your code just about as fast, if not faster, than pretty much any other language as long as you put in the time to learn it properly and pay some attention to your application algorithms." Renato shows us how.
Hacking QR Code Design
- Marien Raat
#Design #Front-end
tl;dr: "Let's see how we can create QR codes that look however we want, while preserving links. We'll also show the world's first working QR gif created with this technique."
Go 1.17 Is Released
- Alex Rakoczy, Matt Pearring

tl;dr: "This release brings additional improvements to the compiler, namely a new way of passing function arguments and results. This change has shown about a 5% performance improvement in Go programs and reduction in binary sizes of around 2% for amd64 platforms. Support for more platforms will come in future releases."

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