Issue #210

13 October 2020

Issue #210
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#Management #Leadership
tl;dr: Focus one-on-ones on coaching, less on status updates, which can be done asynchronously. Coaching should gravitate towards your report's conscious or subconscious interests in a situation and push them to answer the questions they raise themselves.  
tl;dr: 5 strategies to stop conflating time spent with productivity: (1) Avoid unnecessary meetings. (2) Define productive goals. (3) Reduce repetitive tasks. (4) 80% of your work will come from 20% of your efforts. Focus on the 20%. (5) Protect your time. 
tl;dr: When choosing your next company, first determine which stage - pre-product fit, post-product fit, growth or scale - is the best match. Usually only 1 or 2 stages make sense for any given job search. 
#RemoteWork #Management
tl;dr: The five tenets of async development: (1) Async is the default form of communication. (2) Git is the central element of the dev process. (3) Management tools are for planning, not updates. (4) Continuous improvement is a daily practice. (5) Dev teams are the core of the business.
Abstract Management Interfaces
- Chris Schillinger
#Management #Leadership
tl;dr: Abstract Management Interface is a set of outcomes that you expect from the manager you’ll be managing. By defining these, you remove yourselves from anything executional. This post comes with templates and examples.

"Rarely is anyone thanked for the work they did
to prevent the disaster that didn't happen."

- Mikko Hyppönen

Rust After The Honeymoon
- Bryan Cantrill
tl;dr: Bryan outlines personal reasons he's enjoying Rust. "Some are tiny but beautiful details that allow me to indulge in the pleasure of the craft; some are much more profound features that represent important advances in the state of the art."
tl;dr: "An algorithm devised a decade ago beats Christofides’ 50% factor," though the researchers "were only able to subtract 0.2 billionth of a trillionth of a trillionth of a percent."
#Javascript #IndustryTrend
tl;dr: Benefits of using other languages: (1) Can be compiled to native binaries which have faster startup times. (2) Native binaries also usually run considerably faster than JS code. (3) Many languages make it much easier to parallelize code.
tl;dr: "In this tutorial, we're going to learn how to Make a Plagiarism Detector in Python using machine learning techniques such as word2vec and cosine similarity in just a few lines of code."
A List Of Post-mortems!
- Dan Luu
tl;dr: Dan links to many public post-mortems by both small and large companies.

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