Issue #130

28 February 2019


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Four Startup Engineering Killers
Nemil Dalal, Writer, Stanford Electrical Engineer/MBA
10 Python File System Methods You Should Know
- Jeff Hale, Data Scientist and COO at Rebel Desk
6 Not So Obvious Things About ElasticSearch
Dariusz Mydlarz, Java Programmer 
No Code? No Problem  —  Writing Tests in Plain English
Naidele Manjunath, Software Engineer at The New York Times Test Automation Team & Olivier De Meulder, Engineering Manager at The New York Times Subscription Platforms Group
The Philosophies Of Software Languages, From Plankalkül To C
- Adam Zachary Wasserman, CEO at Neonto
SQL: One Of The Most Valuable Skills
- Craig Kerstiens, Head of Cloud Team at Citus Data 
When Algorithms Think You Want To Die 
- Ysabel Gerrard, Lecturer in Digital Media and Society at the Department of Sociological Studies, University of Sheffield and Tarletin Gillespie, Principal Researcher at Microsoft Research New England
Getting Hooked on React Hooks
 - Ruben Martinez Jr., Web & iOS Engineer at OkCupid
The Ultimate Guide to Meditation for Programmers
Daragh Byrne, Founder of Coding Mindfully and Delivery Lead at No Moss Co
Handling Time Zone in JavaScript
- Dongwoo Kim, Senior Front-end Engineer at NHN Entertainment
Black and White Image Colorization With OpenCV and Deep Learning
- Adrian Rosebrock, PhD, Author, Entrepreneur. Founder at PyImageSearch
Highlights from Git 2.21
- Taylor Blau, Infrastructure Engineer at GitHub

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Notable Developer Conferences 2019
QCon (March 4-6)
London, UK
DevNexus (March 6-8)
Atlanta, GA, USA
ConFoo (March 13-15)
Montreal, Canada
Strata Data Conf (March 27-28)
San Francisco, CA, USA
React Amsterdam (April 10-12)
Amsterdam, Netherlands
SmashingConf (April 16-17)
California, USA 
Devoxx (April 17-19)
Paris, France
GOTO Chicago (April 28-May 2)
Chicago, USA
DockerCon (April 29-May 2)
San Francisco, USA
RailsConf (April 30-May 2)
Minneapolis, USA
Microsoft Build (May 6-8)
Seattle, Washington, USA
PHP[tek] (May 21 - 23)
Atlanta, Georgia, USA
GlueCon (May 22-23)
Broomfield, Colorado, USA
OSCON (July 17-18)
Portland, Oregon, USA
Open Source Summit (July 17-19)
Tokyo, Japan
GopherCon (July 24-27)
San Diego, California, USA
ApacheCon (Sept 9–12)
Las Vegas, Nevada, USA
Strange Loop (Sept 12-14)
St. Louis, Missouri, USA 
DjangoCon US (Sept 22-27)
San Diego, CA
Oracle CodeOne (Sept 16–19)
SF, California 
React Day Berlin (Nov 30)
Berlin, Germany
Microsoft Ignite (Nov 4-8)
Orlando, Florida, USA
dotJS (Dec 5-6)
Paris, France
DevTernity (December 6-7)
Riga, Latvia

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