Issue #313

3 May 2022

Issue #313
Tuesday 3rd May's issue is presented by Doppler

Doppler is building the first SecretOps platform to empower developers and security teams of all sizes to seamlessly manage secrets across environments and teams. 
Flawless Teamwork
- Ed Batista
#Leadership #Management

tl;dr: Questions worth asking when considering if a team is achieving full potential: What kind of team we are? Are the right people here? Does everyone know their role? How do we make decisions? Have we built a sense of cohesiveness? Do we know what effectiveness looks like? What happens when we disagree?
Enable A Framework, Create Discipline
- Paulo André
#Leadership #Management

tl;dr: Frameworks are "frames of reference that help people concentrate on what truly matters." Without discipline, the best frameworks are useless. This is the essence of leadership, and Paulo provides examples of how to develop such frameworks. 

Doppler Just Announced Their $20M Series A To Build The First SecretOps Platform
#Leadership #Management #Security

tl;dr: By Building the first SecretOps Platform, Doppler is making it easier for developers to manage secrets at scale. Learn more about it. 

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Why Naming Stuff Is Hard?
- Shekhar Gulati
 #CareerAdvice #Naming

tl;dr: Shekar provides 3 reasons: (1) Developers don’t re-read their code often enough. (2) Lack of business domain understanding. (3) Undervalue good naming. Also, helpful questions to ask: "which business concept is this functionality related to? How can I map business terms to code? What can I learn from API contracts and / or documentation of competitors?"

"I love deadlines. I like the whooshing sound they make as they fly by."

- Douglas Adams

Developers As Creatives

tl;dr: This podcast discusses the following questions: (1) What does it mean to truly treat developers as creatives within an organization? (2) What does it mean to be “developer first”? (3) How does this affect customers, product, go-to-market? 

tl;dr: "My main site received about 34M requests over 72h - in three spikes." The author discusses how this DDoS attack was executed, why, and the consequences. 
That Time We Unplugged A Data Center To Test Our Disaster Readiness
- Krishelle Hardson-Hurley, Ross Delinger & Tong Pham

tl;dr: "One way of communicating our preparedness to our customers is through a metric called Recovery Time Objective (RTO). RTO measures the amount of time we promise it will take to recover from a catastrophic event." Dropbox reduced its RTO by "more than an order of magnitude," as discussed in this post.

The Niche Programmer
- Asko Nõmm
tl;dr: "Being a niche programmer is not bad at all. Pay is great, competition is low and the interview processes for the most part very humane.' Asko discusses his relevant experience with Clojure. 
Notable GitHub Repos
Fastest and most advanced password recovery utility. 

Drag-and-Drop library for all JS frameworks.

CL interface for quickly sharing code snippets of your local files.

Pythonic alternative to Scratch, JSFiddle or other programming frameworks.


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