Issue #166

19 December 2019

Issue #166
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- August Lilleaas, Software Developer
#ManagementProcess #Microsoft
tl;dr: Microsoft Research conducted a post-mortem into why Vista failed. Organizational complexity - the distance between decision maker and developer - was the most accurate predictor of bugs. 
- Gergely Orosz, Engineering Lead at Uber
#ManagementProcess #TeamDynamics
tl;dr: Framework of how Gergely manages his team at Uber including the initial team setup, how risks are managed, stakeholder communication and more.
- The Team at
tl;dr: This includes salary, stock and bonuses, and is broken down by experience level. 
- Steven Luu, Software Engineer at Facebook
#ThoughtPiece #PracticalTips
tl;dr: The overhead of enums is comparatively low and comes with several practical benefits.
What Makes Python A Great Language?
- Steve Dower, Python Tools Developer at Microsoft
#Python #LanguageDesign #ThoughPiece
tl;dr: Steve believes that Python's has an "incredibly well-balanced sense of what developers need to know." Examples of what this means are highlighted throughout.  
- Cal Paterson, Senior Software Engineer
#AWS #Cloud #DigitalOcean
tl;dr: Suspicious of established cloud providers actually providing value for money, Cal compares virtual machine and object storage pricing amongst the main providers. Google, AWS, Azure came out to be more expensive than the others. 

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C, What The Fuck??!
- Robin Martijn, Chairman STIR & Honours Student Computer Science & Engineering
#C #LanguageDesign
tl;dr: In C, the placement of code comments impacts compilation. This leads to an explanation of Trigraphs and some of the the language decisions that were made early on. 
- Annie Sullivan, Software Engineer at Google Chrome
#GoogleChrome #WebPerformance #Metrics
tl;dr: A new performance metric has been established by the Chrome team measuring when the main contents of a page is displayed. This runs through the framework used to build this metric and the objective. 
- Stephan Wolfram, Founder & CEO at Wolfram Research
#ArtificialIntelligence #Algorithms #SocialIssues 
tl;dr: Over the summer Stephan was asked by congress whether "algorithmic transparency" is a policy option with regard to regulating "persuasive internet platforms." He discusses the complexities involved and a couple of conceptual options.  
- Luke Jones, Author and Publisher
#MicrosoftEdge #WebBrowser
tl;dr: Microsoft Edge Addons store is now open and developers can submit their addons. Applications built on Google's Chromium will be functional on Edge with no additional code required.  
- The Engineering Team at Cliqz
tl;dr: With privacy protection and Google's lack of competition as inspiration, the team at Cliqz runs through the approach they've taken to build their own search engine.
- Valentin Sawadski, Tech Entrepreneur
#Productivity #Wellness
tl;dr: Broken into 4 steps (1) self-care (2) realistic planning (3) optimize efficiency (4) understanding your "10x" - what can you do to make everything permanently easier.

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