Issue #66.1

20 January 2016

Issue #66.1: "The Current State of Web Security", and much more...

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The Current State of Web Security
- Interview by Anselm Hannemann, Front-end Web Developer
Introducing Apex: Serverless Architecture with AWS Lambda
- Written by TJ Holowaychuk, Creator of the Luna Programming Language
#AWS #GoLang
Profiling Your Swift Compilation Times
- Written by Bryan Irace, Former Engineer at Tumblr
Diversifying Engineering Referrals at Pinterest
- Written by Abby Maldonado, Diversity Programs Specialist at Pinterest
ChakraCore GitHub Repository Is Now Open
- Written by Gaurav Seth, PM Manager for Chakra
How to Learn ES6
- Written by Eric Elliott, Entrepreneur and Javascript Developer
New - Slack Integration Blueprints for AWS Lambda 
- Written by Jeff Barr
Chief Evangelist for AWS
Being a Deaf Developer
- Written by Holly KayDeveloper
The Rails Doctrine
- Written by David Heinemeier Hansson, Creator of Rails
Introduction to Machine Learning
- Written by Quentin de Laroussilhe, Intern at Google

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