Issue #174

27 February 2020

Issue #174
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- Alex MacCaw
tl;dr: Clearbit developed an OKR measuring employee happiness, defined by employees working (1) under a great manager (2 around people who challenge them and who's company they enjoy (3) on interesting problems. 
tl;dr: For those who find it hard to break past the senior engineer title, Yan advises you to focus on impact, not on personal output. He discusses his experiences doing this. 
tl;dr: A recant and exploration of the infamous story of Donald Knuth and Douglas Mcilroy of Bell Labs. 
tl;dr: Instead of starting from scratch (1) have the new code direct to the old (2) re-implement each behavior on the new codebase (3) slowly delete the old code. Nicolas gives an example of this in action. 
#Leadership #Management
tl;dr: A guide on decision making. The key is not to fall into old habits & having an inter-disciplinary perspective. There are several concepts we can leverage - inversion, second order thinking and the map is not the territory. 
- Leila McNeill
#Diversity #Pioneers
tl;dr: Considered to be the “Mother of Chinese Computing, not only did Xia Peisu build the first home grown computer, she pioneered the countries CS education systems.
- Angus Loten
tl;dr: "Average salaries grew 13% in London and 7% in Toronto and New York, outpacing 6% increase for San Francisco Bay Area." Certain cities are focused on growing fields (e.g. Toronto on AI), and companies are less focused on SF.

“The most damaging phrase in the language is...
it's always been done this way” 
- Grace Hopper
#Security #Data
tl;dr: Bruce joined Inrupt, a company bringing a new model of managing personal data to life, designed by Tim Berners-Lee. All your personal data lives in a pod and is managed by you. Each pod has granular access that you command. 
- Umer Mansoor
tl;dr: Despite a small sample size, the survey is telling on the impact tech debt has on retention - 50% of developers are likely or very likely to leave their jobs because of debt.
- Henning Dieterichs
#Debugging #VisualStudio
tl;dr: "Extension for visualizing data structures while debugging. Works best with JavaScript/TypeScript."
tl;dr: Several talks from the recent Web Assembly Summit. 
- Mattis Haase
tl;dr: "In this post I want to share my experiences and tips on how to set up Elasticsearch correctly and avoid common pitfalls."

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