Issue #334

15 July 2022

Issue #334
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Process Has A Bad Rap
- Paulo André
#Leadership #Management

tl;dr: "Why do so many processes tell people to behave slightly different from what common sense tells them to do?" Paulo discusses a framework to design processes: (1) Purpose: what is this process supposed to make either possible or significantly simpler? (2) Principles: what orients the design of this process towards its purpose? (3) Practices: how is the process to be executed? 
tl;dr: "Presenting to executives can be intimidating, and this might be more advice than helpful. If you want to boil it all down to one concise tip: send an early draft to an executive attending the meeting and ask them what to change. If you listen to and apply that feedback, you’ll figure out the other pieces as you go." Will also provides a framework to use, as well as other tips. 
The Great Resignation? More Like A Great Opportunity
- Shem Magnezi
#Leadership #Management

tl;dr: "We’re witnessing a permanent change in how people think about work and long-term career development. Covid was just an accelerant for existing trends — an opportunity for many people to stop and think about what they want to do with their lives."

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Fundamental Software Architectural Patterns

tl;dr: "Patterns are essentially reusable solutions to common problems. When faced with a problem it is reasonable to consider a catalog of patterns in order to find suitable existing solutions before designing something entirely new. Then, it will be a matter of adapting these patterns to the scope of our reality." The author discusses client server, pipe and filter, SOA patterns, and more. 

"First make the change easy (warning: this might be hard), then make the easy change."

Kent Beck

FizzBuzz Is FizzBuzz Years Old (And Still A Powerful Tool)
- Peter Walker

tl;dr: "In today’s blog post I’d like to take a moment to celebrate what makes FizzBuzz so helpful, discuss some common patterns I’ve observed in the many attempts I’ve witnessed, and finally explore some tweaks that can be deployed to keep the challenge fresh."

#Management #Data #Scale
tl;dr: "But something happens when a data team grows past 10 people. You no longer know if the data you use is reliable, the lineage is too large to make sense of and end-users start complaining about data issues every other day." Mikkel discusses how to deal with scaling teams.
Almost Rules
- Aleksey Kladov

tl;dr: "In this post, I’d want to catalog some of the cases I’ve seen in the Rust programming language where I think an internal boundaries were eroded with time."
The CSS Behind Figma
- Ahmad Shadeed

tl;dr: "The purpose of this write-up is to show how powerful flexbox and grid are and to highlight those interesting use-cases for them. There might be a few bits that are focused on subtle UI details which I like very much."

Notable GitHub Repos
Unified Machine Learning Framework. 

Fast JS runtime bundler, transpiler & package manager. 


Elastic UI Framework
Collection of React UI components for building user interfaces at Elastic.

Create T3 App
Quickest way to start a new web app with full stack typesafety. 

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