Issue #361

21 October 2022

Issue #361
Friday 21st October's issue is presented by OneSchema

OneSchema is an embeddable CSV importer for SaaS companies. Product and engineering teams use OneSchema to save months of development and maintenance time and provide a best-in-class CSV import process for their customers.  
Maximizing Developer Effectiveness
- Abi Noda
#Leadership #Management

tl;dr: (1) Developer effectiveness is heavily influenced by work environments. e.g. clarity around what to work on, access to quality documentation, tooling. (2) To create more effective working environments, focus on quick key feedback loops. (3) Leadership creates a culture where developers are empowered to make incremental improvements to the developer experience. e.g. open forum to listen to IC’s, dedicated programs for big problems.

The Future of Ops Is Platform Engineering
- Charity Majors
#Platform #DevOps

tl;dr: "In the beginning, there were people who wrote and ran software. At some point, we spun away ops skills from dev skills into two different professions, but that turned out to be a ginormous mistake, so along came DevOps to reunify them. Nowadays, ops as an independent profession is in the process of fading out. Companies are spinning down their ops teams left and right. Engineers who formerly identified as sysadmins or operations have turned into DevOps engineers, and soon there will just be “software people” again. This is the way of things."
10 Advanced CSV Import Features You (Probably) Won’t Launch Yourself
- Christina Gilbert
#Management #UsefulTool

tl;dr: CSV importers are deceptively simple – a parsing library in front of a database seems like it should take 1 sprint to build. We surveyed engineers on multiple teams and found that these 10 features caused the most scope increases and missed launches.
Promoted by One Schema
Why We're Leaving The Cloud
- David Heinemeier Hansson
tl;dr: "The cloud excels at two ends of the spectrum... the first is when your application is so simple and low traffic that you really do save on complexity by starting with fully managed services." The second is when your load is highly irregular and "have wild swings or towering peaks in usage." David points out that it's an "absurd premium" for the possibility of the latter to occur while adding to the increasing power of a few companies. 
Editor's Note

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When Life Gives You Lemons, Write Better Error Messages
- Jenni Nadler

tl;dr: Jenni covers what makes both good and bad error messages. For bad error messages, she gives cites: inappropriate tone, technical jargon, passing the blame and generic messages that have no reason. Good messages say what happened and why, provide reassurance, are empathetic, help the user fix the issues if possible and provide a "way out" e.g. a contact number.

Cracking A Compression Algorithm!

tl;dr: "The first thing I did was to create a sort of “assembly simulator” – I ported the assembly steps line-by-line out of the disassembly and into a C# program. Why do this? At the time, I was a beginner with assembly, so this exercise served two purposes: firstly, it helped me become more familiar with the disassembly; secondly, it gave me a program I could run that I knew for a fact would match what the assembly code was doing."
tl;dr: "I once (incorrectly) thought the answer to “why is there a dot at the end?” might be “In a DNS request/response, domain names have a “.” at the end, so we put it in to match what actually gets sent/received by your computer”. But that’s not true at all!"
Announcing KataOS And Sparrow

tl;dr: "KataOS is also implemented almost entirely in Rust, which provides a strong starting point for software security, since it eliminates entire classes of bugs, such as off-by-one errors and buffer overflows."

Notable GitHub Repos
Tool to remove images background.

Code-snippets, docs & command reference for various tools.

Terminal for a more modern age.

Single file web components. 

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