Issue #37.1

17 June 2015

Issue #37.1: Pointer Exclusive: Building An Effective Technical Interview Process

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- Written by Doug Petkanics, Co-Founder & VP of Engineering at Wildcard
- Written by Nirav Savjani, Former Product Manager at Google
- Written by Guy Podjarny, CTO at Akamai Technologies
- Written by Joshua Levy, Head of Operations & Infrastructure at Viv Labs
- Written by Richard Mitton, Freelance Software Engineer
- Written by Reuven Lerner, Python and Ruby Programmer
- Written by George Brocklehurst, Developer at ThoughBot
- Written by Andrew White, CTO at Unboxed Consulting
- Written by Simon Smith, Front-end Engineer
- Selected by 
Paul Christophe, Co-founder at Art Hack Day
- Written by Kirill Klenov, Engineer
- Suggested by Avery Max, Python and Go Developer
- Written by Kenny Tran, Engineer
- Written by Starr Horne, Co-founder at HoneyBadger
- Written by Reda Lemeden, Designer at ThoughBot

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