Issue #108.1

11 January 2017

Issue #108.1

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The Reality of Developer Burnout
- Written by Kenneth Reitz, Python Overlord at Heroku
How do Individual Contributors Get Stuck?
- Written by Camille Fournier, CTO, Speaker, Entrepreneur
10 things I Learned Making the Fastest Site in the World
- Written by David Gilbertson, Web Developer
Alexa: Amazon's Operating System
- Written by Ben Thompson, Author and Founder of Stratechery
How To Ask Good Questions
- Written by Julia Evans, Engineer at Stripe
The Engineer's Guide to Companies
- Written by Chet Haase, Comedian and Senior Software Engineer at Google

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New Tricks for an Old Dog
- Written by Tom Ashworth, Senior Engineer at Twitter
Grumpy: GO Running Python!
- Written by Dylan Trotter, Engineer at YouTube
PostgreSQL Anti-patterns: read-modify-write Cycles
- Written by Craig Ringer, PostgreSQL support engineer and consultant for 2ndQuadrant
A Prettier Javascript Formatter
- Written by James Long, Engineer at Firefox Developer Tools
TensorKart: Self-driving MarioKart with TensorFlow
- Written by Kevin Hughes, Software Developer at Shopify
300 Books Every JavaScript Developer Must Read in 2017
- Written by Jordan Scales, Engineer at Khan Academy

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