Issue #67.1

27 January 2016

Issue #67.1: Introducing Pointer Profiles, and much more...

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Today we're excited to publish our first Pointer Profile -
a Q&A series with CTOs and senior engineers about their experiences managing tech teams, the tech they love and much more!

Pointer Exclusive: The Paul Principle
- Written by Chet Haase, Comedian and Senior Software Engineer at Google
ES6 CheatSheet
- Written by David Leonard, Full-Stack Developer at Yahoo
What We Can Learn From How jQuery Symbiotically Pushed the Web Platform Forward
- Written by Dion Almaer, Technologist and Product Engineer
#jQuery #General
2016 - The Year of Web Streams
Written by Jake Archibald, Developer Advocate for Google Chrome
HTTPS Provides More Than Just Privacy
- Written by Mike MacCana, Founder and CEO at CertSimple
Fixing Spaghetti: How To Work with Legacy Code
- Written by Jason Ables, Creative Scientist at Ethode
Understanding Zones
- Written by Pascal Precht, Angular GDE at Google
AWS Certificate Manager - Deploy SSL/TLS Based Apps on AWS
- Written by Jeff BarrChief Evangelist for AWS
Design of a Modern Cache
- Written by Benjamin Manes, Senior Software Engineer at Addepar
Ruby Debugging CheatSheet Magic
- Written by Richard Schneeman, Developer at Heroku
Building Side Projects
- Written by Lim Chee Aun, Developer at Heroku

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