Issue #220

6 January 2021

Issue #220
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tl;dr: "It’s nigh impossible to have a high-performing team with a long lead time, and becomes drastically easier with a dramatically shorter lead time." Merging to deployed should be under 15 minutes. Charity outlines issues why tests could be slow. 
The Great Software Stagnation
- Jonathan Edwards
tl;dr: "Those of us who worked in the 70’s-90’s surfed endless waves of revolutionary changes." Yet, since 1996, software has stagnated due to the internet boom. "New technology takes a long time and is very risky," and the smart ambitious programmers "flooded to Silicon Valley," incentivized by VC money. 
#Metrics #Management
tl;dr: Many startups adopt Google's quarterly goal setting. This puts makers (engineers) on a managers schedule. A startup should (1) focus on what's being built in month ahead, (2) work towards a product vision a year from now and (3) maintain a "narrow grasp on what you actually want to measure quarterly."

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tl;dr: "Software projects can, and often should, draw a finish line. Or, if not a finish line, a curve for gradually backing off on feature introduction, raising the threshold of importance by which a new feature is considered." This creates stability. 
Timnit Gebru’s Exit From Google Exposes a Crisis in AI
- Alex Hanna, Meredith Whittaker 
#AI #Google
tl;dr: Google's firing of Timnit Gebru shows that "corporate-funded research can never be divorced from the realities of power." AI will reinforce discrimination unless action is taken: (1) Tech workers need to unionize as a "key lever for change." (2) We need protection and funding for research. (3) Regulation.

"A good programmer is someone who always looks both ways before crossing a one-way street."

- Doug Linder

#IndustryTrend #DevOps
tl;dr: Chris evaluates his 2020 predictions, and lays out his thoughts for 2021 - 5G and Edge will have significant impact, ARM will have a bigger 2021, live streaming becomes the norm, and the Developer Educator becomes a title. 
tl;dr: "The goal of the “busy beaver” game is to find the longest-running computer program." This is relevant to Turing machines. "The busy beaver game asks: given a certain number of rules, what’s the maximum number of steps that a Turing machine can take before halting?"
tl;dr: (1) Optional chaining (2) Nullish coalescing operator (3) Matching regexp with capture groups using string.matchAll.
DALL·E: Creating Images from Text
#OpenAI #AI
tl;dr: "We’ve trained a neural network called DALL·E that creates images from text captions for a wide range of concepts expressible in natural language."
tl;dr: GitHub was able to demonstrate how it "advances human progress, international communication, and the enduring US foreign policy of promoting free speech and the free flow of information."