Issue #142

23 May 2019

Code Reviews at Microsoft
Michaela Greiler

tl;dr: Approx 40% of engineers code review at least one a day at Microsoft. This outlines the process and tools used, which are applicable to orgs of all sizes. 

Martin Fowler
tl;dr: Shortcomings found in internal code quality make it harder to "extend a system further" without paying off tech debt first. The author describes how he decides when to handle debt.

Engineering Management For Early Stage Startups (2018)
Andreas Klinger

tl;dr: Former CTO at Product Hunt discussed what he learnt from 4 years as a manager at the company - (1) Treat your org like software (2) Treat people like capable adults (3) Every problem is ultimately your fault. 
tl;dr: Comprehensive guide on deep-work, broken into the following - (1) Learn How to Practice Deep Work (2) Enhance Your Ability to Do Deep Work (3) Eliminate Digital Distractions (4) Purge Shallow Work From Your Life

Going Solo, Successfully
- Kevin Burke
#BestPractices #Freelance

tl;dr: Best practices if you're thinking of starting your own engineering freelance or consulting business, including how to price yourself. 

Go Is Google's Language, Not Ours
- Chris Siebenmann
tl;dr: Author debates that having a community contribute to GoLang is meaningless as it's owned by Google and, ultimately, the language is controlled by, and designed for, the company's needs. 

The TN Visa Makes Hiring Senior Engineers Easy
tl;dr:  So you need to hire mid-senior IC engineers. Right now. Where are you going to find them? I know where: Mexico. Not remote work, but rather hiring them and bringing them to US. Using what visa? The TN visa. Whats that? Its a NAFTA visa (you might have seen it used with Canadians) - it works for a few select professions, including engineers.

Bastille Agency finds and screens engineers and will send them to you. It's a real thing, just ask Uber.

Sponsored by Bastille Agency

Facebook Salaries
tl;dr: Covering all engineering levels at Facebook, this tells us how much engineers earn broken down by base, stock and bonus. 

Brian Kernighan Interviews Ken Thompson (Video)
- Vintage Computer Federation

tl;dr: Ken Thompson is the co-creator of the original Unix operating system. Brian worked on it with Ken at Bell Labs. Fascinating hour long interview. 

What Great Managers Do Differently (To Keep Top Talent)
Santiago Jaramillo

tl;dr: Great managers know their employees and what makes them tick, reward their employee's impact & refresh their own perception of employees as they're constantly growing. 

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My Commencement Speech  -  Life at Your Crossroads
- Mark Suster

tl;dr: Strong career advice - (1) Find your tribe (2) The world works on a "pull model" (3)  If you don’t ask, you don’t get (4) Better to beg for forgiveness than permission (5) There’s a time to learn and a time to earn (6) Be politely persistent (7)  Get your foot in the door (8) Build a personal brand. Be known for something. Develop your voice.
- Saul Pwanson

tl;dr: Fun 20 mins video of how Saul approached scraping thousands of crosswords from various sources, created a consistent format so he could compare them and see if there were any common grid patterns.

- Kurt Thomas & Angelika Moscicki

tl;dr: Adding a recovery phone number can block up to 100% of automated bots, 99% of bulk phishing attacks, and 66% of targeted attacks. 

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