Issue #248

31 August 2021

Issue #248
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- Dave Bailey
#CareerAdvice #Management
tl;dr: "Emotional generosity" is the ability to see past behaviors we don’t understand and proactively look for compassionate ways to explain them. Dave guides us through 10 patterns, such as: (1) Overreaction is often driven by something else entirely. (2) Blame is often driven by anger. (3) Anxiety is often driven by a lack of visibility, and more. 
#CareerAdvice #InterviewAdvice
tl;dr: “Modern software doesn’t really care about the needs of the user but, rather, about the needs of the developer,” and are driven by the need for more user data, accounts, access, etc... all infringing the users' experience. He outlines a "Hippocratic Oath for engineers:" (1) Always start with customer needs. (2) Don’t impose artificial limitations on the customer. (3) Respect user choices. (4) Think beyond the “right now,” and more. 
Inflicting Help
- Ed Batista
#Management #Leadership
tl;dr: "Inflicting help" occurs when you fail to provide the type of help that's been requested of you e.g. you provide the right help but at the wrong time, you help "too much", or provide the wrong type of help altogether. "It's essential to understand and regulate the emotions that underlie our helping impulse." Ed recommends slowing down and asking whether if what "I'm doing is actually what's been requested."
Latency Sneaks Up On You
- Marc Brooker
tl;dr: "High-percentile latency is a bad way to measure efficiency, but a good (leading) indicator of pending overload. If you must use latency to measure efficiency, use mean (average) latency."
Actual Impostors Don't Get Impostor Syndrome
- Justin Pot

tl;dr: Justin worked with someone who "projected so much confidence in all of his statements, even ones that were objectively false, that you couldn't help but believe him." Brilliant people are the opposite - "they tend to doubt themselves" as they surround and sometimes compare themselves with similarly smart people. This voice of self-doubt is powerful as it can help you improve. 

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Burning Out And Quitting
- Maya Kaczorowski
tl;dr: "So why did I burn out? It was the neverending treadmill of yet another day’s worth of useless meetings, with a todo list that only grows, while you get less and less done on it every day. There isn’t a single moment that causes burnout, but there is a single moment when you realize it..." Maya discusses her experience. 
A New Way Of Blogging About Golang
- Yehonathan Sharvit
tl;dr: The klipse plugin is a JS tag that transforms static code snippets of an html page into live and interactive snippets. The code is executed in your browser and you can modify the code and it is evaluated as you type. The plugin supports Clojure, Ruby, JavaScript, Python, Scheme, Go, Jsx, Brainfuck, C++ and Lua.
#GitHub #CommandLine
tl;dr: "Creating extensions is simple. Each extension is just a repository prefixed with gh-, and you can easily define the extension. We even built tooling into GitHub CLI itself to allow you to get started more quickly with gh extension create, which creates a scaffolded repository for you with some pre-written Bash that will help you get started."
- Marcelo Prates

tl;dr: A minimal Python library to draw customized maps from OpenStreetMap data.

What's New In DevTools
- Jecelyn Yeen
tl;dr: (1) Use DevTools in your preferred language. (2) New Nest Hub devices in the Device list. (3) New CSS container queries badge, and more. 
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