Issue #314

6 May 2022

Issue #314
Friday 6th May's issue is presented by Vanta

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How To Chart Your Engineering Career Path: IC, Manager or Technical Founder?
- Amber Feng
#Leadership #Management #CareerAdvice

tl;dr: Underrated traits of the best engineers: (1) Crisp writers and communicators. (2) Aim for the broadest impact. In this post, Amber "guides other engineers up and down the org chart as they weigh their next career moves, leaning on the frameworks and lessons she’s pulled from in her own career."

Building Bridges With Difficult Co-workers
- Sally Lait
#Management #CareerAdvice

tl;dr: Proactively avoiding difficult situations, especially as a new manager, can be done by asking the following: (1) If we were going to have friction, how do you think it’d be most likely to happen? How can we proactively avoid that? (2) What are the biggest risks of us working together? (3) How do you like to move past problems? And more.

Startup Getting Started? Think Pragmatic Security
#Leadership #Management #Security

tl;dr: There is an assumption that security should be the main priority for a founder when getting your startup going. Think again. Security is a tool to protect your customers and your business, and a founder’s main concern is growing that business. That’s a good thing -- here's how.

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IBM's Asshole Test
#Management #Culture #Hiring

tl;dr: "They called it the "group test"; around 8 of us were led to a room and asked to solve a puzzle together. Each of us was given an information pack, there was a white board, and a timer ticking down from 60 minutes."

“The most important thing is to keep the most important thing the most important thing.”

— Donald P. Coduto

How I Accidentally Deleted 7TB Of Videos Before Going To Production
- Nikita Brancatisano
#Antipattern #Tests

tl;dr: "The bad news is that this was on Friday, and we needed to have the videos back up at most for Tuesday morning. We had to upload ~8TB of data with a 30MB/s connection. Not ideal, and I had to think about something fast."

The Demise Of The Mildly Dynamic Website
- Hugo Landau

tl;dr: Hugo discusses the rise and decline of sites described as "mildly dynamic," which customize minor elements of a webpage but are, essentially static. Also, this post forecasts how these tools will play out and where opportunities lie.

Distributed Systems Shibboleths
- Joseph Lynch
tl;dr: "Shibboleths are historically a word that indicate membership in a particular group or culture.... I have only studied and worked in the field for around a decade, but in that time I believe I have learned to recognize some key “distsys shibboleths” that help me recognize when I can trust what a vendor or other engineer is telling me."
tl;dr: Alberto covers: (1) Having the right measurement in place (2) Proactive anticipation by performing activities i.e. architectural reviews and dependency risk assessments. (3) Prioritize correction, bringing attention to incident report resolution for the service and dependencies linked to our service.
Notable GitHub Repos
ML system enabling model training and online predictions without data leaving your DB.

OS cross-platform file explorer, powered by virtual dist filesystem.

JS / TypeScript app framework designed for growing startups.

Repo for external large-scale work.


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