Issue #229

12 May 2021

Issue #229
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tl;dr: After several years as a public speaker, Anjuan helps us create a playbook for creating a personal brand and the "potholes" that can throw you off. Most tactics center around public speaking, Simmons also dives into developing a social brand.
The Art Of Self-organizing Engineering Teams
- Tom Sommer
#Management #Leadership
tl;dr: "Purpose, mastery, and autonomy are helpful concepts to enable self-organization. They allow us to guide and create alignment, set up effective processes and workflows, and provide the ability to adjust and change as needed." Tom outlines each in this post. 

tl;dr: "Today, I am speaking up. It took me three years to gain my voice back, I will not be silenced or intimidated again. I am not trying to convince anyone of anything." I simply want to share my story and make peace with my traumatizing experience." Yifan discusses her abuse by an individual within the Scala community. 

tl;dr: 1) Acknowledge the contributions of the previous leader. 2) Create space for forgiveness. It will allow people to let go of the past and make room for a new vision and direction. 3) Seek to understand your employees’ experience. Ask them what they want and need going forward. 
tl;dr: The European software engineering market is split into three distinct groups that have little overlap: (1) Companies benchmarking against local competition, (2) those benchmarking against all local companies, (3) Big Tech: companies benchmarking against all regional. 

"Programming is not about typing, it's about thinking."

– Rich Hickey

Write Simply
- Paul Graham
tl;dr: "The main reason I write simply is that it offends me not to. When I write a sentence that seems too complicated, or that uses unnecessarily intellectual words, it doesn't seem fancy to me. It seems clumsy."

How I Beat the Berlin Rental Market With A Python Script
- Gian Segato


tl;dr: Gian runs us though an analytics tool that evaluates units in the Berlin rental market. The output analyzes each unit compared in price to its neighbor, the likeliness of a price increase for that unit, and the unit selling out within 6 hours.

Announcing Rust 1.52.1
- Felix Klock, Mark Rousskov 
tl;dr: "The Rust team has prepared a new release, 1.52.1, working around a bug in incremental compilation which was made into a compiler error in 1.52.0. We recommend all Rust users, including those currently using stable versions prior to 1.52.0, upgrade to 1.52.1 or disable incremental compilation."
tl;dr: A good and bad way to approach 21 best practices, such as JSX ShortHand, ternary operators, object literals and more.
Bootstrap 5
- Mark Otto
tl;dr: New offcanvas component, accordion, updated forms, and more.

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