Issue #355

30 September 2022

Issue #355
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Your CTO Should Actually Be Technical
- Aditya Agarwal
#Leadership #Management

tl;dr: Technical leaders should be highly technical for 5 reasons: (1) Only way for CTOs / VPEs to be true judges of quality. (2) Allows them to make highly educated tradeoffs - quality, speed, launch dates, feature inclusion etc... (3) Enables them to command the respect of the entire team. (4) Highly technical people very often have a deep passion for technology. (5) Easier time attracting and recruiting other highly technical people. 
Resiliency In Distributed Systems
- Gergely Orosz

tl;dr: "Understanding the ins and outs of distributed systems is important for both backend engineers and for anyone working with large-scale systems. Large-scale systems can mean systems with high load and high queries per second (QPS), storing a large amount of data, or ones built with low latency and high reliability. These systems are pretty common across both Big Tech and high-growth startups."

The State Of Internal Tools 2022
#Leadership #Management

tl;dr: Since 2020, we’ve surveyed developers for our State of Internal Tools report. We set out to find how companies build internal tools, who uses them, and how teams measure their impact on the business. Discover our highlights from this year’s State Of Internal Tools here.

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From Development To Real Users: How To Create A Web Performance Story
- Vinicius Dallacqua

tl;dr: "Some of the most common questions asked when it comes to work with performance are, How do you convince stakeholders that improving the performance of your project is actually worth the investment? How can you prove that the work is necessary to begin with? Or prove that you have shipped improvements? And what is the impact of certain changes on users in different scenarios?"

“Generally, the craft of programming is the factoring of a set of requirements into a a set of functions and data structures.”

― Douglas Crockford

#Leadership #Management
tl;dr: "Around 50% of software engineers only stay at a company for two years before switching to somewhere new. The national average for job tenure is 4.2 years so software engineers stay at one place for half as long. Typically the larger the company the longer a developer stays in one role."
tl;dr: "I can understand why some people would be worried about making this switch. Even if you believe me that all user-side code multiplies by pi or tau, and all library-side code divides it back out, you still may have that sinking “math class feeling” that you’d be doing something wrong if you stopped using radians."
Machine Learning For Fraud Detection in Streaming Services

tl;dr: "Many users across many platforms make for a uniquely large attack surface that includes content fraud, account fraud, and abuse of terms of service. Detection of fraud and abuse at scale and in real-time is highly challenging."

Go Runtime: 4 Years Later
- Michael Knyszek

tl;dr: Go runtime has been steadily improving: (1) sync.Pool, a GC-aware tool for reusing memory, has a lower latency impact and recycles memory much more effectively than before. (2) The Go runtime returns unneeded memory back to the operating system much more proactively. (3) The Go runtime is able to preempt goroutines more readily in many cases, reducing stop-the-world latencies up to 90%. And more. 

Notable GitHub Repos
JS / Wasm runtime that powers Cloudflare Workers

First Contributions
Help beginners to contribute to open source projects.

Fast, easy and reliable testing for anything that runs in a browser.

Transforms PDF, Documents and Images into Enriched Structured Data.

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