Issue #153

13 September 2019

Issue #153
Weekly Reading For Technical Leaders
- Werner Vogels, CTO at Amazon
#Amazon #Scale #Architecture
tl;dr: Amazon adopted 5 principles to operate quicker iterative cycles - microservices, purpose-built databases, automated software release pipelines, a serverless operational model and automated, continuous security. Article discusses each one. 
- Bill de hÓra, Head of Architecture at Zalando
tl;dr: It's useful to identify the return on engineering investment, for practical economic reasons and to frame decision making. The author uses "Lift", the benefit a technology gives to the users of the technology. 
Small Wins
- David Hemphill
tl;dr: It's obvious to celebrate big wins - promotions, raise, etc... We often forget to celebrate the smaller ones to our own detriment, and not doing this this can stop you from growing. 
- Various Authors
#Interviewing #Management
tl;dr: Questions include... what do you want to do differently in your next role? Imagine yourself in three years. What do you hope will be different about you then compared to now? And many others. 
- Andrew Zaleski, Freelance Journalist
tl;dr: Increasing number of people who don't check their phone right in the morning. "There’s evidence that small changes to people’s relationship with technology can go a long way toward achieving better mental and physical health."

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- Stevan Popovic, Junior Software Developer at Digital Fineprint
tl;dr: Based on a small sample size, engineering seniority correlates with the following - responsibility, software design, independence and influence. Although, you don't need to function in all of those areas to be senior. 
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Remember, you are amazing. 
- Sophie Koonin, Software Engineer at Monzo
tl;dr: Seasoned software engineer at Monzo dispels the theory that senior engineers don't use Google for work posting a list of all things that she Googled throughout the week for work. 
- Gajus Kuizinas, Software Architect
tl;dr: Code snippet that Gajus regularly embeds allows you to visualize elements on page, along with their margin and padding to identify inconsistencies.
- Steve Krouse, Programming Language Designer
tl;dr: Library of tools for the future, along with reviews, screenshots, what the tools is good for and could be added. The purpose is to democratize access to upcoming languages and frameworks. 
- Sam Borick, Weekly Project Club
tl;dr: Sam has listed side project ideas, breaking them down into small, medium and hard projects with a comprehensive list within each.  
- Helen Anderson, Data Enthusiast & Analyst Advocate at Xero
tl;dr: Useful tips and checklist to ensure your SQL queries are optimized and well written. 
- Python Community
tl;dr: As of January 2020, the Python community will sunset Python 2. It will no longer be supported, including security flaws. Everyone should upgrade to Python 3. 
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Sept 9–12
Las Vegas, Nevada, USA
Strange Loop 
Sept 12-14
St. Louis, Missouri, USA 
DjangoCon US 
Sept 22-27
San Diego, CA
Oracle CodeOne 
Sept 16–19
SF, California
React Day Berlin 
Nov 30
Berlin, Germany
Microsoft Ignite 
Nov 4-8
Orlando, Florida, USA
Dec 5-6

Paris, France
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